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MAXPRO2015+ micro FM exciter

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Sự miêu tả

DIP switch or LCD display, full constant power across entire FM band without tuning and 15W of clean power!

The new MAX PRO 2015+ mikro FM exciter is a simplified version of our MAX PRO 8015+. Although this version lacks some of the features of the MAXPRO8015+ it still represents a big improvement over the old MAX PRO 2015+. It covers entire FM band from 87.5 to 108MHz without tuning and offers 15W of clean RF power. 76MHz band is also available on request.

MAXPRO2015+ micro was created as a smaller version of high-performance exciter board and is based on the simplified version of MAXPRO8015+. The result is a rugged and solid FM exciter with completely flat power output across the entire FM band at up to 15W, designed to run silently and cool 24/7. Why wait? Your dream FM exciter is a reality right now!

Máy kích thích được bảo hành có giới hạn một năm đối với các bộ phận và nhân công chống lại các khiếm khuyết về vật liệu và tay nghề, ngoại trừ bóng bán dẫn cuối cùng RF.

You can find the manual nơi đây.

What is new about version: mikro?
– Extra external sensors (voltage, temperature) ensure some of DIGIAMP functionality
– Fast tuning
– Faster power-up
– Improved PLL
– Much improved audio response. Especially the bass response and high frequency roll-off
– Much smaller board
– Frequency adjustment trimmer
– Extra power limit steps (500mW)

Can you give a simple example of use?
MAXPRO2015+ mikro is very easy to setup:
1. Install the board into metal enclosure
2. Set power limit jumper to desired setting with jumpers (you can select 0.5W, 1W, 2W, 3W, 4W, 5W, 6W, 7W, 8W, 9W, 10W….or 15W)
3. If not using LCD display set the frequency with DIP switch (otherwise you can use LCD display)
4. Connect antenna, audio input and supply voltage
5. You can change power with LCD display or with jumpers.
6. You can add stereo encoder, the best matching unit is SE8000 DSP+

How does it work with driving amplifiers?
MAXPRO2015+ is very easy to setup for driving a pallet amplifier:
– Set power limit jumper to desired drive power setting with jumpers (you can select 1W, 2W, 3W, 4W, 5W, 6W, 7W, 8W, 9W, 10W….or 15W)
– Connect the SWR and power reading voltage to P and S input pins. Optionally connect also U to amplifier voltage and T to 10K NTC resistor (to ground) to measure temperature
– Set the power meter voltage sensitivity as you wish and the exciter will never drive your amp beyond preset value.
– You can also set amplifier power limit with LCD display (for example 500W or 1000W), exciter will make sure not to overdrive the pallet.


Tôi có thể thay đổi những thông số nào qua điều khiển từ xa?
Its best that you look at the screen capture below. The program may change over time as we make enhancements, we will be adding more features soon! Feel free to ask for any features you may want. The board is compatible with control software for MAXPRO8015 (CyberMaxFM+ SE3.

PC control software

Thông số kỹ thuật:
– RF Output Power: 0 to 15 Watts, power adjustment range can also be limited to 0-0.5W, 0-1W, 0-2W, 0-3W, 0-4W … 0-15W, 0-full, this is done with a jumper (exact options vary depending on model).
– Output connector: MCX female connector, pigtails are available to easily connect N female
- Trở kháng đầu ra: 50 Ohms
- Dải tần: 87,5-108MHz
– PLL Steps: 100KHz
- Tần số ổn định: +/- 20Hz
– Spurious/Harmonic rejection: Harmonics: >55dB, Spurious: >-60dB
– Power Supply 13-15V/2.5A or car battery
– Power connector: solder posts on the board
- Điều khiển tần số PLL đã khóa bằng thạch anh
- Đầu ra siêu ổn định, siêu sạch
- Không cần thiết bị kiểm tra đắt tiền
- Hiệu suất âm thanh: Độ méo nhỏ hơn 0,1%, 20Hz-75KHz
- Độ chắc chắn đầu ra RF: Bảo vệ SWR
- Bảo vệ phân cực, bảo vệ nhiệt độ
– Pre-emphasis: none (set on stereo encoder)
- Trở kháng đầu vào âm thanh: 1Kohm, không cân bằng
- Mức đầu vào âm thanh: 0 dB
- Tỷ lệ S / N:> 90 dB
– PC Board Size: 75x108mm
– Audio connectors: 2-pin header or RCA (optional)
- Màn hình RF: miếng hàn

Bảng đầu vào âm thanh MPX (RCA + XLR + 192KHz USB) + cáp dẹt 20cm là gì?
– Rather than the BNC MPX input as before all MPX input models now have:
– RCA and balanced XLR inputs
– USB audio input supporting 192KHz sample rate!
– The usual BNC as before (signal is now passed through extra limiter low pass filter)
– Board can be configured to pass full MPX or limit at 15KHz (for mono operation) with a jumper.
– Extra limiter stage for MPX input
– Extra MPX low pass filter
– MPX level trimmer accesible through hole next to XLR connector (you can adjust MPX level/ deviation without opening up the transmitter

The result with this board is completely noise-free audio in any possible configuration. Important: This board is only recommended when you do not use SE8000DSP+ stereo encoder! When you have stereo encoder you do not need it!

Mặt trước của Predrilled LCD là gì?
– This is a rectangular piece of aluminum with predrilled holes for LCD display, buttons and LED diodes. It also has 4 holes in the corner so you can easily mount this to your case. This makes it much easier to mount the transmitter into a nice looking case (eliminates the hard work with the LCD). This is of course an optional item.

What is the IO board and why do I need it?
IO board is required, if you want to control MAXPRO2015+ mikro remotely via USB. It plugs into the LCD control module. USB cable is not included.

What is the Software+ USB IOBOARD for changing LCD text?
This is a combination of special unlocked version of software and USB IO board, which is required to control MAXPRO2015+ remotely via PC. It plugs into the LCD control module. Software lets you change welcome text (logo); you can replace that text with your company name for example. Your customized text will
được lưu và sử dụng ở mỗi lần bật nguồn. Tất nhiên đây là một mục không bắt buộc.

What stereo encoder do you recommend?
The best matching units are SE2000+, SE5000 DSP+ or SE8000


Để tìm kiếm một kiểm tra ăng-ten phù hợp: nơi đây.

Để tìm cách kiểm tra cáp đồng trục phù hợp: nơi đây.
Để tìm kiếm một kiểm tra trường hợp phù hợp: nơi đây.

Thông tin thêm

Manual for MAXPRO2015+ micro FM exciter board


Here's a program to control this unit remotely with a PC(RS232 or USB) for SE+ V3 (MAXPRO8015 and MAXPRO2015+ micro):

Đây là trình điều khiển cho cổng USB cho XP, W2K, Vista và Windows7:

Đây là trình điều khiển cho cổng USB cho XP, Vista và Windows7 cũng sẽ hoạt động ở 64:

Và cuối cùng là trình điều khiển USB cho Windows 10:

Chúng tôi đề xuất hướng dẫn này vì nó giải thích nhiều điều hữu ích cho bất kỳ đài FM nào.
Section dedicated to software setup is also very helpful:


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