RF power transistors

Original new transistors from Ampleon, NXP, Phillips, Motorola, Freescale, ST, Infineon and others. These are used for servicing or building our RF amplifiers for radio/TV/HAM bands. If you can’t find your transistor below feel free to email us, we may be able to help. All transistors are 100% original, we can supply date code and photo ahead of shipping on request. Avoid the fakes, get the transistors from a reliable source in EU.

If you need pdf manuals for these transistors or if you have any questions, click “Contact us” and leave a message.

Some tips for using modern RF transistors:
– Ensure proper cooling as excessive heating reduces lifetime
– New XR/ART models can survive practically any bad SWR, but the heat generated by bad SWR can kill it (the silicone chip melts at some point). Copper heat-spreaders are recommended!

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