Clamps for power RF transistors

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RF power transistor clamps are a clamping device designed to provide improved thermal and electrical performance for RF Power Transistors. The clamp dimensions have been optimised for
two most popular types of packaged RF power transistors. 

Key Features:
Optimised thermal performance
– Improved electrical contact
– Longer life of RF power transistors
Improved P1dB performance
Improved IMD3 performance
Includes all hardware. See outline drawing for full details

Transistor clamp model A (BLF188XR – SOT539A):
– BLF188XR, BLF178, BLF189, ART1K6, ART2K0, BLF888A, MRFE6VP61K25H,  MRF1K50H,  MRFX1K80H 

Transistor clamp model B (BLF184XR – SOT1214A):
– Supports BLF184XR, BLF174XR, BLF278, 

What is included:
– RF power transistor clamp
– Thermal transfer silicone rubber
– Two M3 hex screws with spring washers


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