Complete FM amplifier modules

Building a FM transmitter just got a lot easier with this building block system, its almost like putting together LEGO blocks. Complete FM amplifier modules by PCS Electronics includes everything you could want from an amplifier:
– amplifier module
– heatsink
– filter
– heavy duty strong efficient fan
– low pass filter
– supply current meter (ampere meter)
– directional couplers for swr and power measurements
– SWR and TEMP protection (requires MAXPRO FM exciters from PCS)
– DIGIAMP control interface (requires MAXPRO series exciters from PCS)
– ALC; automatic level control assures constant output power across entire FM band (requires MAXPRO series exciters from PCS)
– RF shielded enclosure
– RF blocked DC supply lines and control signals
– DC/DC power supply provides 12-16V for other devices (generated from 24-48V supply line)

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