Ampleon ART35, ART700, ART1K6, ART2K0 series RF power transistors

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ART (Advanced Rugged Technology) series of high performance RF power transistors from Ampleon, Ampleon’s advancements with ruggedized Si LDMOS transistors of up to 2kW of RF Power for 1 through 400 MHz

Ampleon recently released a series of rugged transistors, engineered specifically for the industrial, broadcast, scientific and medical applications which offer robust VSWR ruggedness withstand while delivering the best in terms of RF power, gain and efficiency. We named this series “ART”, short for “Advanced Rugged Transistor”.

ART’s novel Silicon LDMOS node was engineered to obtain a high drain-source breakdown while maintaining a compelling low output capacitance to allow for a rugged transistor with high transconductance in the frequency range from HF through UHF. The ART series has two versions: ART1K6 (50 V VDS / 177 V VDS minimum breakdown) and ART2K0 (65 V VDS/ 200 V V DS minimum breakdown range). The high VDS breakdown offers the threshold for VSWR ruggedness features during 65:1 withstand conditions. Further, the low output capacitances allow for frequency ranges of up to 450 MHz with high gain and efficiency. The chart below provides a comparison of features to our popular BLF188XR (current generation in high volume production) and provides some perspective on comparison to the competitive landscape of devices.

The ART1K6 and ART2K0 are offered in industry standard packages, either air-cavity ceramic or over-mold plastic packages suitable for attach direct to an amplifier heatsink or copper-coin planar with PCB with gull-winged packages. Class-E designs are enabled at 50 V for ART2K0. Device is within all operating limits of up to 6dB compression. Testing underway to extend Class E operation at 50 V to 10 dB compression. All ART Family devices have an internal stability network contained in the die. This network results in close to unconditional small signal stability at low frequency without the need for any external circuitry.

Ampleon’s white paper on ART series transistors

Click to download datasheet for ART35

Click to download datasheet for ART700

Click to download datasheet for ART1K6

Click to download datasheet for ART2K0


Some general tips for using modern RF transistors:
– Ensure proper cooling as excessive heating reduces lifetime
– New XR models can survive practically any bad SWR, but the heat generated by bad SWR can kill them (the silicone chip melts at some point). Copper heat-spreaders are recommended!
– The gate can be quite sensitive to over-drive so make sure to always watch for drive level. A feedback checking output versus input power is also always recommended.

Recommended purchase: Special tool for de-soldering RF transistors?
This is a soldering iron with special de-soldering head, designed to simplify replacement of RF final transistors. It works by heating all four tabs at the same time making the whole process much easier and not destroying the board in the process. Simple, but invaluable tool. Warning: Operates from 220V, EU plug (Power: 80W).
Time to de-solder transistor: 10 seconds (after 1-2minute warm-uptime )

Building amplifiers, transmitters, filters or other RF equipment? You will also need these:

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50 ohm PTFE
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