RF accesories for transmitters

We’ve all been there: You’re ready to start-up this great new radio transmitter and you find out you need an adaptor between BNC and N and you can’t find one. Or you need a short coaxial patch cable and again its not there. And to add an insult to the punch it is Sunday, all stores are closed. And your local stores don’t carry the items you need or they are just fresh out. This can set you back a day, two days or even a week, if you need to order on the net. What a drag!

Avoid the set-backs and stock-up on the radio essentials. You’ll be grateful when the need arises and they’ll be there for you, ready to use. If you skip on this offer you will regret next time you need one of these; and you will sooner or later.

We offer all kinds of essential material for radio and TV broadcasters, from dummy loads, fans, mains power supplies, attenuators, filters, RF output boards, RF output transistors, RF power capacitors, power meters, antenna analysers, combiners and splitters, die cast enclosures, rack cabinets for our products, signal analysers and various RF power resistors.