Coaxial cable and connectors

Your transmission system is only as strong as its weakest link. Using cheap or inferior cable can severely limit your broadcast power and range. The best way to determine if a cable is right for your application is to make sure that it has a suitably low dB loss at your frequency for the cable run that you need. Next you should check the power rating. Keep in mind that in summer at hot temperatures power rating may degrade so always allow for some safety margin.

For short runs (~ 5 meters) it doesn’t make sense to invest into expensive cable but as your cable length approaches 10-20m or even more it becomes a real problem and it is worth spending a little extra.

We supply bare cable and cable with connectors. We also stock many special types.

We have every RF connector and adapter imaginable, BNC, N, SMA, IEC, PL259, SO239, 7/16, 7/8 and other types…

If you do not see your connector please drop us an email!

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