Manual and drivers

Are you looking for a driver?
All the links to the manuals and drivers are either under product description (click the Additional information tab at the top of product description text) or in our forum here. You will also find other support resources there. You can find software download section and troubleshooting info for some of our old legacy products here.

Do you still have a problem with our product?

Do not despair, a team of engineers is standing by to help you. Check our forum with manuals/software links for a possible solution before you send us an email.

For all kinds of frequently asked questions and answers to common questions, check this page.

How to start guide is here.

You can contact us here.

Please note that our team are mostly engineers (translation: geeks) and what we love to do most is design new equipment and play with our gadgets in the lab. So, before you try to call u, try using email! This gives us an opportunity to dedicate more time to your problem and give you a better answer. Also e-mails are a convenient way to store data, entire history of a problem can be easily recovered.

We try to answer every question as soon as possible and if possible the same day but sometimes it can take a day or two. There’s also a time difference that you have to be aware of. Always make sure to check under SPAM filter to make sure our answer is well received and not blocked. Yahoo and hotmail both block a lot of legitimate e-mails so don’t forget to look under SPAM.