Circular dipole antenna 600W – tunable

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Stackable circular dipole antenna

This is a low cost high-power circular dipole antenna with Type N RF connector. These antennas must be tuned by the end user at the installation site. We do not offer “pre-tuning” services. A SWR meter or antenna analyzer is required although provided tuning table can be used to approximately tune the antenna.

Antennas weight is 4Kg due to its size (volumetric weight).

Technical specifications:

– Frequency range: 86-110MHz
– Impedance: 50 ohm
– VSWR (tuned): 1.1:1
– Gain: 2.14dBi
– Bandwidth: 20 MHz, tunable
– Max. power: 600 Watts
– Material: Stainless steel
– Polarization: Circular (+-1.3dB), omnidirectional
– Weight: 4kg
– Length: 120cm
– Wind resistance: 210Km/h
– Connector: N female
– Mounting clamp: Included

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