Lightning protection – Coax grounding kit and clamps

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These kits are part of lightning protection, coaxial cable should be grounded at the antenna, at the base of the tower and before entering buildings. If the antenna is itself DC shorted you just need to ground the coaxial cable at the tower base and before entering the building. These grounding kits accomplish this task, to install remove outside insulation on a small section of the coaxial cable and install the clamp. Instructions and sealing materials are included. Make sure to connect the ground to a well earthed point. The tower itself must also be grounded. You can check out the specifications below:

Coaxial cable grounding kit 1
For the following coaxial cable types: H155, RG142, H2007, Aircell7, LMR300
and similar diameter cables

Coaxial cable grounding kit 2
For the following coaxial cable types: H500, AircomPLUS, Trilan and similar
cables with diameter around 10mm

Grounding kit for 1/2 hardline such as CellFlex
For cables with diameter around 1/2 inch

Grounding kit for 7/8 hardline such as CellFlex
For cables with diameter around 7/8 inch

Coaxial cable clamps for 1/2 and 7/8 hardline
These are just clamps used to clamp the cable as it goes down the tower. Depending on how tall your tower is you may need 2-3 or more.

Lightning arrestors are only used for antennas which are not DC shorted. So they are not needed for most wideband dipoles. This type below
comes with N male on one side and N female on the other. It works all the way
up to 6GHz and handles a maximum of 100 watts of RF power. Remember, best lightning protection
is a DC-grounded antenna + well grounded tower + grounded coaxial cable at the point of entry into the building and at the tower base. Only qualified professionals should perform
lightning protection of buildings and towers.

N-lightning arrestor 6 GHz/100W
50 ohms
– N male and N female connectors
– 0-6GHz
– VSWR 1:1,6max
– Losses 0.8dB MAX
– Power 100W max

Note: For lightning protection also use suitable mains power protection as this is another way a surge can enter your station, a good quality UPS is a good start as these offer some basic protection against surges.


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