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New stereo encoder series with record-breaking 114x oversampling

SE6000 series stereo encoders feature a number of big enhancements and raise
the bar considerably for stereo separation and audio excellence. The amazing
sonic purity and clarity are sure to impress you. The new MPX multiplexer circuit
is 114x oversampled and gives better stereo separation than anything else in
its price range and beyond. Additional digital audio input completely eliminates
any ground-loop problems. Lets not forget the new telemetry output (interfaces
to MAX PRO 5000 FM exciter, if you choose to use it – its optional). The new
SE6000 series stereo encoders comes in a new bigger form factor that differs
from the previous SE2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 models. There are two models in
the SE6000 series, the so far listed enhancements are common for both versions.
You can read about the differences between the two models below:

Model DSP+
– Stereo encoder with DSP audio processor
– DSP technology with new better compressor and limiter
– Pre-emphasis and pilot level now adjustable from LCD display
– Digital audio inputs (USB)
– Extremely sharp low pass filters with deep 19KHz notch
– Can be connected to our MAX PRO 5000 series FM exciters and controlled from
its LCD module (or its own LCD module).
– Precision LC filtered MPX output signal

Model AN+
– Analog stereo encoder with very sharp solid-state LC analog filters
– Single-band limiter
– Digital audio inputs (USB)
– Deep 19KHz notch filters
– Precision LC filtered MPX output signal
– LCD not needed (there is nothing to control, no DSP processor available on

You can find the manual for this (and other products) here.

How are SE6000 DSP+ better than SE5000 DSP+ and our previous stereo

– Greatly improved stereo separation due to new digital MPX multiplex circuit
(114x oversampled)
– Digital sound input now standard
– Stereo pilot level adjustable from LCD
– Pre-emphasis now adjustable from LCD
– Telemetry for MAX PRO 5000 exciters
– A number of small improvements that bring out better sound!
– Boards are a bit bigger now and accept the new RDSIO5000+ series boards with
on-board XLR balanced audio inputs
– On-board pilot level trimmer
– New better DSP processor

Can I upgrade my CyberMaxFM transmitter (model D) with new stereo encoder?
Unfortunately the new boards are bigger and have mounting holes at different
place so the answer is unfortunately negative. DSP version also has different
control protocol so the FM exciter’s LCD does not know how to talk to it.

Technical specifications:
– Audio Response: 10Hz-15KHz, DSP or LC filtered (as per CCIR standards)
– DSP: 24-bit Digital Signal Processor, Analog: LC filters
– 19KHz notch filter, >-60 dB typ
– Precise pre-emphasis, 50uS, 75uS or none
– Audio Input Impedance: 10Kohm, balanced or unbalanced
– Audio Input Level: 0 dB
– Distortion: <0.1%
– S/N ratio: >80 dB
– Separation: >60 dB typ. (more than any radio receiver you can buy on the market)
– Pilot Frequency: 19 KHz, 114x oversampled MPX
– Output Impedance: 75 Ohms
– Power Requirements: 12-15VDC / 160-200mA
– PC Board Size: 100x110mm
– Audio connectors: all RCA jacks are mounted on the board, 3-pin jumpers for
XLR balanced inputs, optional MCX or solder pads for MPX output
– Power connector: solder pads
– Output level: Ueff 1-4V adjustable with trimmer

I already have MAXPRO5015, can I use it with SE6000DSP+?
Unfortunately the new SE6000DSP+ boards have different
control protocol than SE5000DSP+ so the FM exciter’s LCD does not know how to talk to it. You need the new LCD control module with rotary button (it is listed under MAXPRO5015).

What is the RDSIO5000+ board?
This is a plug-in upgrade board for SE6000. It is simply plugged into it. Once connected the SE6000+ gains these new functions:
– RDS (Radio Data System)
– Remote control via PC (if used with MAXPRO5000 series FM exciter), you can now connect USB cable to PC and set all parameters for FM transmitter remotely.
– Two XLR audio inputs
– Three BNC connectors (MPX out, MPX in and 19KHz TTL out). This photo shows it very nicely.





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