0-30 MHz SSB/CW/FM/AM/DRM Receiver based on DDS and RISC


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Shortwave Capture

As a special treat for all radio amateurs we present a general-coverage AM/FM/SSB receiver with a wide range of features, which uses a DDS chip in the VFO section and also has a DRM output that can be fed into a computer. The receiver is controlled by a modern 8-bit Atmel RISC processor. The frequency readout is on a clearly legible 7-segment LED display.

This project has been published in the December 2006 issue of Elektor magazine, but no KIT was offered. Since this amazing shortware receiver contains many exotic parts, mostly very difficult to obtain, we decided to lend the helping hand and offer a limited number of complete KIT packages. We did our best to include everything you need.

We are looking into ordering custom enclosures to give this beautifull project a chance to shine. If you want one, be sure to drop us an email.

We regret that this KIT costs so much, but despite our best efforts we weren’t able to source cheaper parts. There are quite a few expensive parts in this receiver, filters, DBM mixers, DDS, switching filters etc. I seriously doubt you will find all parts cheaper out there. We have tried to include really everything, including jumper cables with connectors, buttons, coaxial cable etc. Please understand that despite this seemingly high price this definitely isn’t a for-profit project. The few euros earned per kit do not even come close to the time and money spent sourcing the parts from various providers. So why did we do it? Because we love this project and we wanted to buid one for ourselves.

Also note that we offer this project without the PCB as well, since you can perhaps make your own. This might save you 50-100 euros. Also note that if you order the PCBs from ELEKTOR (like we did) they made it so that the two boards are on the same piece of FR4 and need to be cut in the middle. This is not so easy to do since they are very close and you may end up damaging the tracks. Do not worry, we have done the cutting for our customers with a professional milling machine.

Be sure to check our forum, we have a section dedicated to building of this exciting project. Please contribute your experience for our mutual benefit!


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