PCI MAX 3000+ v5 PC FM transmitter card

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What is PCIMAX3000+?
PCIMAX3000+ is a computer card that will change the way you either do radio or listen to your MP3’s or other audio via PC. It will effectively change your PC into a powerfull broadcast worthy stereo FM radio station, it is a small digital FM transmitter in a form of a PC card. You will be able to play your audio files (CD, wav, MP3, real audio etc.) from your PC through radio waves directly to your household radio receiver in the next room, in the living room, across your yard, in whole block of flats….or for the entire village/small city. You need just an ordinary radio receiver to receive your signal. The included software lets you set the frequency and the output power. You can either service your living room, garden or an entire community. Get rid of those pesky cables!

PCI MAX was featured in the Playboy magazine.

You can find the manual for this (and other products) here.

How do I install PCIMAX?
It can never be easier that this. Install this card into your PC as you would any other PC card. Install software and you’re ready to broadcast! Software gives you full control over frequency and power. Coupled with MP3 player and radio scheduling plugins this becomes a fully automated
radio station! Perfect for fully automated guided tours, small scale advertising, wireless link from your PC to your stereo in the living room, wireless headsets for translated/interpreted lectures or even a medium size radio station. Since its PLL/VCO is very clean and it also has extensive filtering you can add amplifiers to this transmitters, but be sure to check your local laws governing radio transmissions.

What is new since PCI MAX 2007?
– PCIMAX3000+ is a major re-design of PCIMAX2007+
– PCIMAX3000+ comes with the new QSonic VCO/PLL system, giving perfect audio response flatness and good bass response
– PCIMAX3000+ features built-in PC sound card. This allows direct digital audio playback for low noise high quality transmission.
– It is still possible to drive audio from analog source as well (3.5 phono socket).
– Microphone input
– Stronger and much more robust RF output stage for more RF power (3W is possible), no final stage failures reported in the first 4 months of sales.
– RF output stage protection.
– Much better output LPF filter (7-element elliptical).
– RDS daughter board from model 2007+ needs a modification, but it is compatible.
– Number of small improvements for better sound, stereo separation and increased reliability.
– External power supply no longer required for full output power.
– PCIMAX3000+ can be used outside of the PC, simply connect to PC via USB cable. External mains power supply is used in this configuration.
– A small magnet-base antenna is now included with the card along with about 2m of coaxial cable
– And yes, we have a new driver

What is new in PCIMAX 3000+ V5?
– Several fixes were applied to the USB interface making it more reliable
– Optional MPX input model is now available for those who wish to use their own stereo/RDS generating software or hardware

Technical specifications:
– Frequency band: 87.5 (86) -108MHz FM BAND, 50KHz steps (76-108 possible for Japan, please e-mail)
– Stereo mode with excellent stereo separation
– Stereo 3.5 phono socket audio input
– USB interface
– RDS functionality with optional RDS daughter board
– When used inside PC accepts DC power from 3.5″ hard disk power plug
– Frequency, mode and RF output power adjustment with a click of a mouse (Windows) or with LCD module
– RF output power: up to about 4W (3W model), depending on the model
When using full power please use a better antenna such as listed below on this page.

Difference between models of PCI MAX 3000+:
The major difference between different models is output power. Cards typically output up to 3000mW. If you are using 3W make sure your PC is well ventilated, some airflow across the card is strongly recommended (side fan). Failure to use such a fan prevents the unit to reach full power as the temp. protection starts to cut power out to protect the unit.

What about PCIMAX3000+ MPX input model:
This card has a special MPX input, actually the microphone input has been disabled and modified to work as MPX input. This can be used to connect external MPX stereo/RDS signal generator.
Warning: The stereo encoder in this model has been disabled and RDS encoder cannot be installed as they would interfere with MPX from external generator.

A number of accesories is available for these cards, making it possible to:
– run RDS (Radio Data System)
– a selection of various antennas for best range, generally more expensive the antenna = more range
– amplifiers to increase your range
– accesories for stand alone operation without the PC, cases, LCD displays, power supplies
– Y audio adapters, F to BNC RF adapters and other small items
– You can check-out the accesories for PCI MAX card here.

What is this RDS thing?
Check this page for more information. Basically it displays station name and sometimes song name (if supported by transmitter) and similar information on a compatible radio receiver. Very popular in Europe, less so in the US. To enable RDS functionality you need to purchase and install RDS daughter board. It plugs into a socket on the PCI MAX 3000+ board.

What kind of antenna should I use?
A small convenient antenna is provided free of charge. This will work fine for your flat or office and may even cover a small property. You can even use this small antenna with any version of pci max, even the 3W, but set it to low output power. To really crank up the power and range you need a decent antenna, such as the GP type listed below on this page or the dipole antenna.

What are BNC/F adapter and Nfemale/Fmale adapter?
Standard antenna output on the PCI MAX board is F female connector. You may want to change this to BNC or N. Our F to BNC adapter for example does this in a space efficient, cheap and elegant way without any unnecessary cabling. May come handy.

Consider also these transmitters below which do not require a computer (but can still be connected to computer of course):

STRMAX1000+ low power transmitter board!
CyberNano series... 50W CyberWave radio africa

To look for a suitable antenna check: here.

To look for a suitable coaxial cable check: here.

To look for suitable software check: here.

To look for a suitable case check: here.

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