CYBERMAX AM+ SE 500W AM transmitter

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AM transmitter with DSP processing, PWM modulator and DDS frequncy generator

While for many mentioning AM transmitters brings back childhood memories, these are actually still used widely in some countries. Besides, AM can be lots of fun to play with. Long wire antennas, different signal propagation (even worldwide), the nostalgia that comes packed with it… well, it is something very different in this modern age.
Our old AM MAX units sold out many years ago and for a long time we wanted to make a new AM transmitter, this time with different, more modern approach, with new better parts and better specs. And we finally did. It is equipped with DSP which makes it possible to control parameters of the audio chain, such as the compression, low pass audio filter cut frequency and preemphasis via convenient LCD with menu system. Other features, such as the fully solidstate PWM modulator which ensures crisp audio, 125% positive peak modulation, compact form factor, plenty of audio input options and LCD display unit make AMMAX3000+ really something special in this modern age.

All our manuals are available here.


Technical specifications:
– RF Output Power AM: ~100W carrier
– Peak RF Output Power: ~500W (due to > 125% positive modulation)
– Output connector: N female
– Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
– Frequency Range (MW version): 540-1710KHz
– Frequency Range (shortwave version): 160m, 80m, 40m (other SW bands also available, please ask)
– PLL Steps: 1KHz
– Frequency stability: +/- 50Hz
– RF output: Harmonics: -50dB, Spurious: -60dB
– Power Supply: Mains 110V-240V/50-60Hz
– Filter is adapted to your band for best performance
– Audio performance: compressor, low pass filter, limiter, treble, bass adjustment
– RF output ruggedness: > 2:1 VSWR
– Modulation: AM (CW input on-board. TTL 5V for disable)
– Size: 2H rack
– Audio input: accepts either mono or stereo signal (transmission is mono)
– Audio connectors: XLR, RCA and USB audio input
– DRM support: On-board jumper can disable DSP processing which is great for DRM modulation
– Modulation: AM, >125% positive mod
– PWM circuit is opto isolated and can be used to drive high power external stage

Suitable DIY antennas for the AM transmitters:
Link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5

What is the Barix audio streaming with MP3 playback option?:
– We will install Barix instreamer inside with STL firmware for you and you can play audio from audio streams. There is also automatic MP3 playback from USB that starts where there is no active stream.

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