Выходная ВЧ-плата мощностью 2500 Вт со звукоснимателем КСВ/ПВР (разъем 7/16)

1ТП2Т11ТП3Ц – 1ТП2Т21ТП3Ц

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RF output board for 7/16 connector with SWR/PWR directional coupler

Now with TEFLON laminate and frequency compensated inside FM broadcasting band!

A simple solution that could make your life so much easier. If you ever wanted
to mount a 7/16 connector to your enclosure and connect coaxial cable to it
in a clean and effective way without adding parasitic inductance and making
it all look like a mess, you probably noticed that this isn’t so easy to do.
We do have a simple solution, however. This small PCB screws tightly and directly
to the panel mounted 7/16 connector (see pictures) and enables a clean, electrically
excellent and also good looking contact. To top it off, it also contains a small
stripline directional coupler. Three-pin solder header provides ground and two
voltages, one for SWR and the other for POWER. You can now measure this voltage
to determine your output POWER or SWR. It is also possible to use this board
to simply build SWR protection.

Coaxial cable can be easily soldered to the terminals as shown on the photos.
We recommend teflon based coaxial cable for such interconnection wiring since
teflon isolation does not melt when soldered or heated due to high power level.
Boards with installed 15cm of semi-rigid 50ohm teflon cable are also available.
This cable is also prepared for soldering on its free end, making installation
extremely simple.

The boards are now produced on TEFLON laminate and take much higher power,
also they are freqency compensated so a reading at 108MHz and 88MHz produces
the same readings.

Технические характеристики
– Size: , PTFE (TEFLON) laminate
– Power handling: 0-2500W with heatsinking
– Frequency range: 0-500MHz (Frequency compensated for equal reading inside
entire FM broadcasting band)
– Connectors supported: panel-mounted 7/16 or some versions of panel mounted
7/8 (if you can’t find it email)
– Includes: PCB and all components, connector and screws not included

Our opinion: Its cheap and eliminates so much hassle its really a no-brainer,
highly usefull item



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