Shipping, Returns & Warranty

Depending on the current workload it normally takes 1 to 3 business days to ship your product (simple products). However, these shipping times depend upon product availability and can be longer. Orders which include custom assembly (all high power transmitters – Cyber Max FM+ 200W/1000W for example) normally require a week or two. Smaller transmitters and drive-in transmitter packages are shipped out quickly. It is advisable that you check the status of your order online from time to time and contact us, if the status doesn’t change to “Shipped” after prolonged period. If you require faster assembly and shipping please contact us and discuss with us whether this is possible.  Your order will be in the “Preparing for shipping” status while we prepare the items to ship. It will than move into “Shipped” status when the package finally ships. The other order statuses are self explanatory: “Awaiting response from the customer”, “Waiting for payment”, “Processing payment” and “Order cancelled”. If you feel the status is not appropriate for your order (for example if it says “Order cancelled” and it shouldn’t be) please contact us and we will resolve the problem.

Once your order ships you also get automatic e-mail notification (which can get blocked by your spam filter so remember to always check your spam folder). A shipping tracking number will be included, if available. Airmail is not traceable so no tracking info there. You can also email our shipping department at any time and ask about status. It may take a day or two for them to respond.

Most shipments to EU are handled by GLS or TNT and for the rest of the world mostly by DHL/TNT/Fedex, but you have an option of AIR MAIL for small packages. Please remember, air mail is NOT TRACEABLE online and is NOT INSURED! Air mail is only available with bank transfer payment (PAYPAL requires traceability).

In general, orders are shipped Monday – Friday (excluding holidays). Shipping on weekends is not possible as the shipping companies do not pickup on Saturday and Sunday. We cannot ship to P.O./A.P.O/F.P.O Box addresses.

Shipping types
Once the product ships it typically takes from 2-5 days (add whatever it takes to clear the customs). Insured and fully traceable online. Recommended type of shipping.

GLS express – EU and some neighbouring countries only
Once the product ships it typically takes from 2-6 days. Traceable online. Insurance per package is limited to a maximum of 2000 EURO so packages with value > 2000EUR are shipped as multiple packages (costing more for that reason). Recommended type of shipping.

Air mail
Once the product ships it typically takes from 5-60 days to be delivered. Please note that air mail is not traceable and is not insured. You take full responsibility for lost packages or extremely late deliveries using this shipment type!
We have limited air mail for small packages (basically padded envelope size). Air mail is only available with bank transfer payment!

Air cargo
For large orders it often makes sense to ship via air cargo. Prices are quoted for each destination on your request. Your items arrive at one of the major airports in the country, usually in the capital, and you have to pick them up there. Sometimes savings are significant but this is only viable for orders heavier than 40kg.

Sea cargo
For very large orders it makes sense to ship via sea cargo. Prices are quoted for each destination on your request. Your items arrive at one of the major sea ports in the country and you have to pick them up there. Savings are  always significant but this is only viable for really large orders and can take 1-3 months to reach you.

Shipping on your account with DHL/UPS/FEDEX
If you have an account with any of the major shipping companies please contact us or write account number under comments when you place an order. We will remove shipping charges from your order. A small fee, usually 10-20 euro depending on order size, will be charged for packing and arranging for pickup by your designated shipping company. When you pay with PayPal we simply do partial refund.

Other types of shipping
We can ship with practically any international carrier but keep in mind; prices will usually be higher. If you have an account with any of the big shipping companies, let us know and we will arrange an invoice without shipping cost for you.

Why is shipping so expensive? How do I keep shipping costs to a minimum?
We are based in Europe and if you’re living overseas shipping may appear expensive to you. We are doing everything we can to keep this low but prices are what they are. Some things you can do to reduce price of shipping:
– Use your own shipping account (if you have one with DHL/Fedex/UPS/GLS). 聯繫我們 and ask us to arrange this.
– Order pickup from your side (you can call your local DHL or other shipping services provider and ask them to pick-up a package at our location. We will not charge you shipping in such cases. You will usually learn that our prices are actually cheaper.
– Pay with bank transfer (this enables shipping by air mail for smaller packages)
– Website can get the shipping cost estimate wrong. Especially for large orders with multiple antennas, cable and combiners. With such orders ask us to try and get a better quote for you. This is best done so that you first place an order as proforma/quote (select payment type proforma when checking out). When you get confirmation e-mail from the web-shop simply reply and ask us to try and get you a better deal for shipping.

Tracking your package
Once you have received confirmation of shipment you may follow up on the status of your delivery at:
TNT tracking
Fedex tracking
DHL tracking
GLS express tracking
DPD tracking
Air mail: air mail is not traceable

So how much does shipping to any given country cost…
Simply place all items of interest into shopping cart and start the check-out procedure (you can do this by opening shopping cart and clicking Proceed to Checkout at the bottom). You will now be presented with available shipping and payment options. They are shown along with their cost so you can decide which is best for you. Note type of payment and weight affect shipping options. Airmail is not available with PayPal and with large packages!

If you want a precise shipping cost quote, simply add the product of interest to your shopping cart and check out from the shop. You don’t have to pay to get a complete quote, simply select proforma/quote for your payment type and of course you won’t be charged (remember, you haven’t provided any payment data at all). You don’t even have to enter correct data for your name and address, however at least select the correct country or your shipping will not be calculated correctly (yes, some people will do strange things).

Customs and fees
You may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once the package reaches your country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for further information. Additionally, when ordering from, you are considered the importer of the product and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods. It is up to you to ensure that the product complies with the laws of the country in which you are receiving the goods. Note that although all shipping costs are paid in full when we ship the package sometimes you need to pay the shipper some special extra fee at delivery. This differs widely from country to country and is not a problem inside EU, but may be a problem for some South American countries for example.

Do you ship to Zanzibar/Italy/Spain/South pole…
Our shippers deliver to anywhere in the world, but we cannot ship to P.O./A.P.O/F.P.O Box addresses.

Within one (2) years of receiving your order, if any product proves to be defective; please contact us for assistance. Please DO NOT ship the product back to us without first contacting us and receiving return instructions. After we receive the defective merchandise, we will examine, repair or replace the product and than ship it back to you. Please note that warranty doesn’t cover final RF transistors in output stage of transmitters as they can be damaged by using defective or poorly matched antenna. An exception is as well any mishandling or abuse by the customer. Any shipping costs are not covered by warranty and are paid by customer.

If you choose to return the defective item rather than replace it we will charge a 20% restocking fee and your original shipping and handling charges will not be refunded. The return of the product is at your expense.

Order cancellation
If within fourteen (14) days of receiving your order, you decide you no longer want the product, please contact us immediately via e-mail or our feedback form. Please DO NOT ship the product back to us without contacting us first and receiving return instructions. We will charge a 20% restocking fee and your original shipping and handling charges will not be refunded. The return of the product is at your expense. Damaged goods cannot be returned.

What if the package is damaged?
If at the time of delivery the packaging appears damaged on the outside please make sure when signing the shipping company’s proof-of-delivery slip you also get a note stating the package is or appears damaged. Depending on the product and where/how it was shipped it may be necessary for you to deal with the shipping company. Also, if there was any internal (non-visible) damage this will need to be reported to us or the shipping company within two days of receiving the product. Please note that it is not possible to insure and track air mail packages and we take no responsibility for damaged or lost air mail packages. Express shipping is reliable and insured, please always consider express shipping!

Exchange for another product
If you are not satisfied with any of the products you received and wish to exchange one for another you must notify us (Customer service) within 30 days after you receive your shipment. All shipping and customs costs related to exchange are covered by the customer. Any signs of use or damage are also fully compensated by the customer.

Return Shipping
Shipping charges for returned product(s) to Pcs electronics are responsibility of the customer. We recommend that you always ship the product(s) with a shipper that is insured and can be tracked. Pcs electronics cannot be held responsible for lost returned products that weren’t insured.

Shipment Refusal
If your shipment arrives at your destination and you refuse to accept it we will contact you to verify the address and of any issues that need to be cleared (customs for example). If we cannot reach you within one week your order will be cancelled. Restocking fee will be charged and shipping will not be refunded. Return shipping will be charged.

Products not shipped after a long time
If your order does not ship for excessive amount of time please check with us what the problem might be. If you at some point decide you no longer want the product please let us know immediately so that we can cancel your order and not ship it. If your order ships before you cancel it order cancellation rules apply (restocking fee). Please contact us first before you cancel PayPal payment directly; this only complicates thing unnecessarily.

Wrong item or quantity shipped
If there is any problem with your order please notify us right away (within 7 days of receiving your shipment). We will do our best to correct the error as soon as possible. Notify Customer Service and report the problem.