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RF transistors directly from factory  

A full list of transistors is here. Original new replacement transistors from Ampleon, NXP, Phillips, Motorola, Freescale, ST, Infineon and others. These are used for servicing or building RF amplifiers for radio/TV/HAM bands. If you can't find your transistor below feel free to email us, we may be able to get it for you. All transistors are 100% original, we can supply date code and photo ahead of shipping on request. Avoit the fakes, get the transistors from a reliable source in EU.

If you need to contact us for pdf manuals for these transistors or if you have any questions, click the "Live Support" icon above and talk to us or leave a message. You can also use this form to contact us.

Some tips for using modern RF transistors:
- Ensure proper cooling as excessive heating reduces lifetime
- New XR models can survive practically any bad SWR, but the heat generated by bad SWR can kill it (the silicone chip melts at some point). Copper heat-spreaders are recommended!

Recommended purchase: Special tool for desoldering RF transistors?
This is a soldering iron with special desoldering head, designed to simplify replacement of RF final transistors. It works by heating all four tabs at the same time making the whole process much easier and not destroying the board in the process. Simple, but invaluable tool. Warning: Operates from 220V, EU plug (Power: 80W). Time to desolder transistor: 10 seconds (after 1-2minute warm-uptime )

Building amplifiers, transmitters, filters or other RF equipment? You will also need these:

RF high power capacitors
Special coax for amplifiers
10, 12, 17, 25,
50 ohm PTFE
RF high power capacitors
Metal clad
RF high power resistors
High power
RF resistors
High power fans
Power supply
Mains power supply
Atenna analyzer
Antenna analyzer
Trimmer capacitors
Trimmer capacitors


This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 29 November, 2008.
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    Name   Model   Select   Price 
Special tool for desoldering RF transistors  Special tool for desoldering RF transistors   220V, EU plug  119.89US$
SD2932W  SD2932W     125.34US$
SD2941  SD2941   175W/50V/Single fet  76.29US$
SD2942 RF Mosfet  SD2942 RF Mosfet   350W / 48V RF  136.24US$
BLF177  BLF177     130.79US$
BLF184XR NXP 700W  BLF184XR NXP 700W   700W  119.89US$
BLF174XR NXP 700W  BLF174XR NXP 700W   700W  113.35US$
BLF178P NXP 1000W  BLF178P NXP 1000W     Out of Stock 159.13US$
PD85050S 50W 13.8V  PD85050S 50W 13.8V   Straight leads  27.24US$
BLF244  BLF244   (20W/28V/1W drive, spare for 150W amp)  Out of Stock 32.69US$
BLF245  BLF245     108.99US$
BLF278  BLF278   300W RF transistor (48V)  207.09US$
BLF571  BLF571     65.39US$
BLF574 NXP 600W original  BLF574 NXP 600W original     185.29US$
BLF574XR NXP/AMPLEON 600W original  BLF574XR NXP/AMPLEON 600W original   600W XR 48V RF  130.79US$
BLF578 NXP 1000W original  BLF578 NXP 1000W original     239.79US$
BLF578XR NXP 1000W original  BLF578XR NXP 1000W original     277.94US$
BLF861A (AS)  BLF861A (AS)   4 weeks LT  185.29US$
BLF881  BLF881     98.09US$
BLF878  BLF878     217.99US$
BLF888A  BLF888A   UHF TV DIGITAL  250.69US$
MRF151A MACOM  MRF151A MACOM   150W/48V single  71.93US$
MRF151G MACOM  MRF151G MACOM   (350W RF 48V)  119.89US$
MRF173  MRF173   20W VHF 24V MOSFET  65.39US$
MRF6V2150  MRF6V2150   150W VHF  65.39US$
MRF6VP2600HR6  MRF6VP2600HR6     228.89US$
MRF6V2300NBR5  MRF6V2300NBR5     76.29US$
MRFE6VP6300H  MRFE6VP6300H   350W 48V RF  105.72US$
MRFE6VP61K25H  MRFE6VP61K25H   1200W  212.54US$
MRF1K50H  MRF1K50H   1500W new!  174.39US$  173.30US$
MRFX1K80H  MRFX1K80H   1800W new 65V  196.19US$
RD01MUS1  RD01MUS1   1W VHF 13.8V  1.95US$
RD15HVF1  RD15HVF1   15W VHF 13,8V  9.80US$
RD30HVF1  RD30HVF1   30W VHF 13,8V  21.79US$
RD70HVF1  RD70HVF1   70W VHF 13,8V  31.60US$
BF961  BF961   (RF MOS FET)  2.17US$
BFG135 (BFG591)  BFG135 (BFG591)   0.8W RF 12V  3.26US$
BLT81  BLT81   1W RF 12V  2.71US$
Displaying 1 to 39 (of 39 products) Result Pages:  1 
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