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Black edition with new high performance advanced display, backed by 5 years of warranty

The new Black Edition (BE+) series FM exciter brings completely new advanced graphics display with many new features such as web control interface, ethernet connectivity, two-color VU meter, smooth rotary button operation and full control over every aspect including RDS. Sharp low pass filter, great stereo separation, fantastic reliability and tight MPX control with several limiters were carried over from the previous models. With this new OLED display and new great looking enclosures with improved ventilation it seemed completely logical that warranty period would be extended to 5 years **.

This unit is perfect for demanding broadcasters. No tuning is necessary, design is entirely wideband. All you have to do is set the frequency and output power, the rest is optional. SWR, temperature and polarity protection make it difficult to destroy the unit. Unit is housed in a brand-new 1H professional 19″ rack, new design is lighter and RF tight (does not leak RF). It is rugged and made for 24/7/365 operation. Each unit has a wide-angle high contrast OLED display.

Those who use streaming sources to stream your audio will be happy to hear that as an option we also offer industry – standard streaming service receiver which also reads MP3 files from USB port at the back. What is even cooler is that the name of the stream or song name (if transmitted by stream operators) will be displayed on the display and also sent out with RDS. Instructions how to set this up are in the manual for the LCD display.


What’s new in BE version:
Bright 122×32 graphical LCD with rotary encoder, USB and Ethernet ports.
– Classical two-color LED-based VU-meter and forward/reflected power indicator.

– Remote control via Ethernet and web browser as standard, possible even from mobile phone
– RDS fully configurable via OLED display and web interface
– RDS is also supported via industry-standard UECP interface
– RDS can now substitute special national characters by standard recognizable by all receivers (if desired)
– RBDS and RDS are both supported
– Time update via Internet to always ensure precise CT RDS time with very precise implementation of CT algorithm. With automatic daylight savings switching.
– Firmware of all sub-systems can be upgraded via USB interface. If we release an update or a new feature you will be able to install it.
– Optional streaming and Mp3 playback which can also transmit song name via RDS
– Calibrated two-color VU meters for power, reflected power and audio level
– Pinahusay na kontrol sa antas ng MPX (paglilimita na ipinakilala sa ilang mga punto).
– MPX level adjustable from outside via a hole next to XLR connectors at the back
– 100 hakbang sa pagsasaayos ng kapangyarihan
– Nakabatay sa porsyento ang pagsasaayos ng kapangyarihan (50% ay magbibigay na ngayon ng humigit-kumulang kalahati ng output power, ang V2 ay maaaring magbigay ng napaka-approximate na resulta)
– USB digital audio input (MPX mode now features 192KHz conversion rate)
– Optional AES/EBU in MPX audio input models (later it will also be available in stereo models)
- Modular construction, karamihan sa mga module ay madaling palitan nang walang paghihinang
– Easy change of frequency or any parameters via display or web interface, friendly user interface
– Matipid, matipid sa enerhiya, magaan, maliit at praktikal
– 1W and 5W versions do not have any fan and are completely silent, 50W and 100W version have much better cooling than previous versions

Anong mga parameter ang maaari kong baguhin sa pamamagitan ng remote control?
Frequency, output power, various alarms, network parameters, time settings, audio input selection and levels, DSP parameter and RDS settings can be changed via Ethernet in web browser. No software installation is needed, just connect your transmitter to local Ethernet and open web browser to access all the settings. Check the manual for more info. Below is a small sample of the interface.

Web interface for CyberMaxFM+ Black Edition FM transmitters
Web interface for CyberMaxFM+ Black Edition FM transmitters

Paano ko i-wire up ang transmitter, antenna at audio source?
Tingnan ang larawan sa ibaba (i-click upang palakihin) para sa isang halimbawa ng magandang istasyon ng radyo na may ilang mga bagay sa studio. Sa ibaba ng pahinang ito, hanapin ang mga link sa iba pang mga item na magagamit mo upang i-setup ang iyong istasyon ng radyo (ANO PA ANG KAILANGAN KO AT HINDI ITO KASAMA? at ANO ANG MAAARI KO GAMIT BILANG AUDIO SOURCE?).

I-click upang palakihin

Teknikal na mga detalye:
– Output power: 1W to 100W depending on the model, easily adjustable via LCD display (100 steps)
– Output impedance 50 hindi balanse, VSWR mas mababa sa 2:1 para sa buong output
– Output connector: BNC female
– Saklaw ng dalas 87.5 hanggang 108MHz
– PLL step 50KHz
– RF Spurious > -85 dBc @ +- 1MHz min. wala sa carrier
– RF Harmonics > -60 dBc min, -70dBc typ
– Monitoring Led: Power on, SWR/TEMP/PLL na babala
– Kakayahang modulasyon: FM
– RDS support: Yes
– RDS CT accuracy: -+0,1 seconds
– Supported RDS groups: PS, RT, CT, AF, EON, PTY, TA, TP, ECC, DI bits, UECP interface

– Mga konektor ng audio: BNC (MPX input), RCA, XLR at USB
– 192KHz USB audio input para sa bersyon ng MPX
– Kinakailangan ang antas ng audio: 4dBu (1.23Vrms @ 0db gain), -10dBu (0.316Vrms @ +14dB gain), adjustable sa malawak na hanay
– Audio input impedance: 10Kohms resistive, balanse
– Pre-emphasis Flat, 50 o 75usec
– Harmonic distortion ( THD ) <0.1%
– Stereo na paghihiwalay: >65dB
– Mode: Stereo/Mono, adjustable sa pamamagitan ng LCD display o malayuan gamit ang PC
– Amplitude ng dalas: 0.5dB, 30Hz – 15kHz

– Temperatura sa paligid: -5° hanggang +45°C
– Power supply: 15V(ordered separately, current rating depending on power)
– Karaniwang 19″1HE rack, 125mm ang lalim (mga 5″)
– Timbang mga 4kg (volumetric)

Note: BE units are available in 2 versions.
– Sa MPX input (mula sa STL receiver o external DSP processor halimbawa)
– Stereo DSP/RDS na bersyon na may DSP stereo encoder at RDS

Pangalan ng modelo DSP
mga input
Buong pangalan ng unit
BE MPX Hindi Hindi Oo CyberMAXFM+ BE+ MONO MPX 192KHz USB

Ano ang kasama?
– Tagapaghatid
- Kable ng USB
– Short Ethernet cable
– Mains power supply and mains cable must be ordered separately (they are listed below transmitters, get the one for your power level)! The reason is that these units can be battery powered (car battery for example), they are relatively common standard items and many have them already. Mains cables are standard desktop PC type and vary from country to country so we don’t know what type is used where you live (and sometimes in the end the unit ends up somewhere else, not where we ship it). Also, these are industry standard.

Gaano karaming saklaw ang maaari kong asahan?
Maaari kang magbasa nang higit pa tungkol sa saklaw sa gabay na ito DITO.

Ano ang RDS?
Radio Data System, basically it displays station name and sometimes song name and similar information on a compatible radio receiver. Very popular in Europe
and also in the US.

IP audio streaming with MP3 playout from USB
This add-on card lets you receive internet audio streams or play MP3 files from USB drive. This is basically industry-standard Barix IP module inside your transmitter. Especially cool is that the stream source often also transmits song name and when this is the case the RDS encoder can also transmit song name and it can be displayed on the LCD. Read the manual to see how this is done.

– Isang mataas na kalidad na panghalo na may mga hybrid ng telepono, tulad ng ang napakasikat na unit na ito.
– Professional broadcasting microphone with noise-free stand
– Your PC. Just plug audio cable into your sound card. With some audio scheduling software.
– CD player, MP3 player o anumang iba pang sistema ng pagpaparami ng musika

– Nangangailangan ng mains plug na maaaring mabili sa iyong bansa (bawat bansa ay may iba't ibang mains plug at hindi namin dala lahat). Ito ay karaniwang plug ng mains at karaniwang nasa 1 US$ o mas mababa ang presyo nito. Makukuha mo ito sa anumang electronics store, gaya ng radio shack, circuit city, anumang computer store atbp. Palaging gumamit ng grounded plug para sa iyong kaligtasan!
– Kakailanganin mo rin ng antenna, maaari kang mag-order ng isa DITO
– Magkakaroon ka rin ng coaxial cable para ikonekta ang antenna at transmitter, maaari mo itong i-order DITO (hanggang 20m) o DITO (20-60m) o DITO (>60m).
– Radio Essentials Kit naglalaman ng iba't ibang mga konektor at adaptor at isang antenna analyzer, ang bawat istasyon ay dapat magkaroon ng mga ito anumang oras.
– Kakailanganin mo ang audio source (mixer, cd player, mikropono atbp). Magandang ideya na gamitin ang PC bilang audio source at magpatakbo ng ilang uri ng audio scheduling software, gaya ng Jazler, Raduga o winamp. Umiiral ang mga plugin ng Winamp gaya ng rocksteady at maaaring pagandahin ang iyong tunog.

Saan ko mabibili ang lahat ng kailangan ko para magsimula sa isang pakete, kasama ang antenna at lahat ng iba pa?
Maaari mong suriin ang aming All-inclusive na mga pakete ng transmiter, kabilang dito ang antenna, coaxial cable at mains power supply. Ang isa pang paraan upang pumunta ay ang piliin ang iyong gusto antenna dito at coaxial cable na may mga konektor here, this way you can configure your own package. Antenna accessories such an antenna analyzers are also very welcome. And of course lightning protection.

**For the warranty period of 5 years some conditions apply. Warranty does not cover final transistors and shipping cost, also natural disasters and mishandling are excluded.


Additional information

CYBERMAXFM+ SE V2 manual na mayroon din para sa SE V3
(Nagdadala ang V3 ng Expander functionality na maaaring magamit upang palakasin ang tahimik na audio. Ang default na setting ng 1:1 ay nangangahulugan na ang expander ay hindi pinagana, ang isang setting na 1:2 ay nagbibigay ng maximum na boost. Ang function na ito ay mahusay para sa drive-in na mga sinehan upang palakasin ang mga tahimik na seksyon ng kaunti kaunti.)

Narito ang isang programa upang kontrolin ang unit na ito nang malayuan gamit ang isang PC(RS232 o USB) para sa SE+ V3:

Narito ang driver para sa USB port para sa XP, W2K, Vista at Windows7


Narito ang driver para sa USB port para sa XP, Vista at Windows7 na dapat ding gumana sa 64:

At sa wakas ay isang USB driver para sa Windows 10

Inirerekomenda namin ang gabay na ito dahil nagpapaliwanag ito ng maraming kapaki-pakinabang na bagay para sa anumang istasyon ng radyo ng FM.
Nakatutulong din ang seksyong nakatuon sa pag-setup ng software

Upang gamitin ang Ethernet i-download at i-install ang program na ito.


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