1500-2500MHz audio wireless link (STL)

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Hiqh quality STL studio transmitter links

Transmit your program, events, parties and much more with the new SHF link series from PCS Electronics

The 1.5-2.5GHz link series is a complete system for those who need to transmit audio from studio to the remotely located transmitter (usually mountain top).
The Hi-Fi VCO present in the link guarantees an incredible audio quality – punch and clarity. The system can be connected to 110/220V AC line. Transmitter is
equipped with XLR audio inputs, 2 MPX inputs (MPX and SCA) and 19KHz pilot sync output for RDS encoders. Transmitters offer up to 5W of clean adjustable power.
Receivers have MPX output and 3 XLR connectors (1x mono output + left/right channel). They are equipped with 2 cavity filters with high gain RF cells.

Technical specifications:
– Frequency range: 1500-2500MHz in 20MHz sub band (specify when you order)
– Output power: 1W or 5W
– Frequency step: 25KHz
– Audio inputs and outputs: XLR and BNC, with multiturn trimmer for level adjust
– 2 SCA inputs
– RS232 remote control
– RF input and output: N connector
– Range: Limited by optical visibility, >100Km with amplifier and dish antennas.
– Mains voltage: 100-240V/50-60Hz
– Dimensions: 1H rack, 44cm deep
– Warranty: 1year
– Weight: 7Kg receiver, 7Kg transmitter

What is needed for a full STL link system?
– Receiver + transmitter
– Two antennas, either 2x Yagi antenna (9dB) or one yagi + one dish or two dish antennas
– 2x 5mts coaxial cable with connectors

What is the range?
– Range with 2 yagi antennas: up to 20km
– Range with 2 yagi antennas with 25W amplifier: up to 40km
– Range with 2 dish antennas: up to 40-80km (depending on location-altitude and optical visibility)
– Range with 2 dish antennas with 25W amplifier: 60km to >100km (depending on location-altitude and optical visibility)

What is MPX link?
– MPX link transports MPX composite signal and passes it to your transmitter. MPX signal is “single-wire” and is combined into such by stereo encoder. Stereo encoder combines two separate stereo channels into one MPX signal which can than be passed via MPX STL link to the transmitter. If you require a STL link with two separate stereo channels check out this link here which has a built-in stereo encoder and decoder.

Note 1: When ordering specify required frequency band (write that under comments). At this time links cover 1500-2500MHz. For example 1500-1520MHz. Exact frequency inside this 20MHz segment can be selected via LCD display.

Note 2: WLAN dish antennas can be used just under 2.4GHz. Such antenna could be used for example at 2.350-2.270GHz and is much cheaper than pro dish antennas.

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