Universal Amplifier Control Board V5.0

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New model of our Swiss-Knife Amplifier Controller Board

New version 5.0 with PC remote control and up to four external voltage/current sensors! Whatever make or model your current RF amplifier module might be, this controller board can be used to control it. It lets you monitor output power, reflected power, up to 4 supply voltages and up to 4 currents, 2 separate temperatures and drive level. I also lets you control output power, set fan activation temperature and set a number of alarm levels. It also supports slow power-up and automatic level control. And yes, it also provides LC-filtered 13-15V DC voltage for your optional exciter and fans.

IMPORTANT: Specifications are subject to changes, software is still under development so some specs can change at any time without notice. Shipping in January 2019!

What’s new since version v4.0?:
– Voltage extended to 75-80V max
– Auto-speed main fan (when used with breakout board V2 – ETA Autumn 2023)
– Redesign of the main board
– 1W on-board wideband linear amplifier (special version of board)
– Optional opto-isolated controlled resistive element for remote control of mains power supply
– Full PC remote control via USB, RS232 or Ethernet (purchase extension board)
– Supports up to 9KW modules (ask for more, if needed).
– Support for very low-level driving applications (DAB+)
– 4×16 LCD with rotary encoder
– Support for HAM bands (PTT input)
– DIGIAMP interface with PWR/SWR pickup board available as option
– Provides positive and negative bias disable signals and control voltage

– Supports 17V-80V mains power supply units.
– Slow power up (soft start)
– Falling/rising mode selection
– 2 temperature meters with two temp alarms
– 4 voltage meters (requires 2 sensor boards, only 1 ships with the unit)
– 4 current meters (requires 2 sensor boards, only 1 ships with the unit)
– RF drive bargraph with alarm
– Provides positive and negative bias disable signals and control voltage
– Three levels of directional coupler sensitivity
– Supports digiamp interface (same as max pro exciters

Technical specifications::
– Mains PSU output voltage: 17-55V
– On board DC/DC: 12-15V stabilized, 2A
– Power/SWR readout range: 5KW max (ask for upgrade)
– Power control mechanism

What is included:
– Control Board V5.0
– LCD control module 4×16 large
– 2x 10K temperature sensor, not wired
– UI sensor board, one piece, with 6-pin flat cable

Control board controls output power of the amplifier by several means:
– It has an on-board low-level variable attenuator that can be use for low-level signals such as for DAB+ amplifiers. About 10mw is max for this method.
– It creates a control voltage that can be used to control either power supply or amplifier (if they have such an input). Range of this voltage is adjustable and even be negative. When negative this voltage can pull low bias of an amplifier (a separation diode must be installed so bios can only be pulled low).
– It creates opto isolated variable resistance that can also be used to control power supply or anything else (requires opto variable resistor which needs to be purchased)
– Polarity of these signals is configurable (it can be rising or falling).
– Amplitude and level of control voltages can also be configured

Warning: This is not a product for beginners, a fair amount of knowledge is expected.

A filter for FM band with current meter and digiamp interface is available here.

To look for a suitable case check: here.

To look for a suitable mains power supply and other accesories check here: here.

We reserve the right to change product specifications at any time without notice.

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