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With the D&R GSM Hybrid you can add a simple and effective wireless interface that your reporters can call. With features like HD voice, Echo canceling, digital EQ and application control over USB on your PC it is a nice tool to expand the communication possibilities of your studio with your reporters in the field.

The GSM Hybrid has its own number reporters directly can dial, the call can be taken on the mixing console due to built in GPIO’s.

An external 12 volt power supply adapter is part of the delivery. Software features are in and output metering and level control, phone dialing, number recognition and GSM signal strength indication.


  • HD-Voice (AMR-WB/G722.2)

  • Balanced Audio in/Out

  • Echo cancelling

  • Digital EQ Control

  • Configurable AGC

  • PC control application via USB

  • Also for mobile applications 12 volt DC car battery powered

  • Ideal for areas without land lines

  • Ideal for OB vans

  • Simple GPIO Interfacing with alert on jacks

  • Voice quality improvement over ordinary Hybrids

  • New Address book is added to the software with number recognition.

  • Auto Connect: The application ‘GSM Hybrid Control’ automatically connects to the device on start-up or re-connect if USB connection is lost.

  • Auto Answer, the application now picks up the line after one ring signal.

  • A black/white list of numbers is under design.

  • All settings done in the application are now stored in the internal GSM memory. It means the GSM Hybrid works independently from a running application once programmed and can be used in the field without a PC.

  • A fast Factory Reset is possible by pushing the CONNECT button 15 seconds.

  • The communication between the GSM Hybrid and PC is completely redesigned and based on the proven AIRLITE communication protocols.


The electronics are housed in a sturdy metal 9.5” rack mount case with antenna’s on the front side for optimum receiver conditions.

The GSM Hybrid has its own number reporters directly can dial, the call can be taken on the mixing console due to built in GPIO’s.


Type of SIM card: Standard


Software features are in and output metering, level control, phone dialling, number recognition, address book and GSM signal strength indication.

  • Input and output level meters (ppm)

  • Input and output gain adjust

  • Software keypad dialing

  • Number recognition

  • Built in address book

  • GPIO configuration

  • GSM signal strength indicator

  • Easy sim card changing

  • Dual diversity antenna’s

  • More units in 1 software application possible

  • Alert function with “open line via DTMF”on screen and GPO

Just to know..

If you need higher audio quality than your regular digital or analog studio hybrids give you, use this GSM Hybrid as your main studio number. Anyone who then calls you (and has a HD Voice subscription) will talk to you with an extended bandwidth up to 7kHz., this results in clear natural sounding audio. Just give it a try.



Line input: Balanced, 20kOhm, +22dBu max,

Output: Balanced, 50Ohm,  +21.5dBu max

Frequency response: 50 Hz up to 7000 Hz

USB : USB 1.1

GPO : Opto Fet 60V/550mA,   Pmax=500mW

GPI: Pulldown to GND.

Tip: Use opto coupler

GSM Bands: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Antenna: SMA connector

SIM card type: standard (largest one)

GSM hd voice graph


Left-Right: 241mm (9,5 inch)

Front thickness: 3mm

Front to back: 174mm

Height: 44mm (1HE)

Weight: 2kg

Power: Adapter 90-230volt AC 50/60Hz

Voltage: 12Vdc

Supply Current: Less than 1 Amp

EAN CODE: 7436917139176


The D&R GSM Hybrid uses the following GSM bands

FDD LTE: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20

UMTS: B1/B5/B8

GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

and can be used in the following areas:

1. North American Region (Canada and the US) Caribbean and Latin America.

    (GSM-850 & PCS-1900)

2. Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific

    (E-GSM-900 & DCS-1800)

See also this WIKIPEDIA page for more detailed info.

GSM Certificate Approvals:


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