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Low-noise, quad channel GPSDO clock source 0.16 to 200 MHz

RigExpert Tokenblauser is a laboratory-grade, low-noise GNSS (GPS/Galileo) disciplined oscillator with four independent PLL-synthesized outputs. An addition, an auxiliary 10 MHz output in provided. All signals are 3.3V CMOS by default, with BNC connectors. The Tokenblauser is optimized to serve as a laboratory reference clock with 0.001 ppm (or better) stability, as well as for driving PLLs in RF/microwave/satellite applications.

Output: 0.16 to 200 MHz output (up to 350/710 MHz, depending on a PLL type).
Frequency control: from the LCD front panel or via USB connection to a PC, with 1 Hz step (very fine tuning is available with 1 ppt steps). Four memory profiles are available.
OEM opportunities: Use a 100×100 mm Tokenblauser module in your own product. Possible modifications include connecting external OCXO, GNSS receiver, using complimentary outputs with LVPECL/LVDS/HVSL/CMOS/SSTL/HSTL levels, etc. No programming skills are required. Source code and schematics are available for deeper modifications.

Included in the package:
– GPSDO in aluminum enclosure
– 12V power adapter (EU or US)
– GPS active antenna
– USB cable
– User’s manual

However, Tokenblauser was designed to be also a versatile platform for experimenters. The device is Arduino-compatible, and the firmware is open-source. With no or minimal changes in the code or in the hardware, an advanced user may:
– Connect the GPSDO to a computer for debug purposes or data processing (such as plotting ADEV/MDEV graphs);
– Modify the firmware to experiment with different PLL and FLL algorithms;
– Use own GPS modules and GPS antennas;
– Use different types of OCXOs and Rubidium oscillators.


Warranty coverage by the RigExpertCare™



RigExpert GPSDO TokenBlauser Specifications

Power supply: 9-12V, 1A max.
USB interface: USB 2.0, type B connector (device is not powered from USB); Virtual serial port compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux
GPS input: 3V active antenna with SMA connector; hardware modifiable for 5V antennas; reception of GPS, Galileo and BeiDou GNSS
Reference clock: One 10 MHz output (BNC); 3.3V CMOS levels, hardware modifiable for sinewave output; hardware modifiable for 5V CMOS levels
Arbitrary frequency clocks: Four outputs – A,B,C,D (BNC); independent frequency entry, 0.16 to 200 MHz in 1 Hz steps; 3.3V CMOS levels; hardware/ software modifiable for LVPECL/LVDS/HCSL/CMOS/SSTL/HSTL levels
User interface: 0.91” monochrome OLED; three front panel buttons; four frequency profiles for fast switching of output frequencies
Software compatibility: Arduino SAMD21 compatible; serial plotter supported in Arduino environment; debug output which can be analyzer by TimeLab and other software; transparent mode for direct access to the GPS module
Dimensions: Enclosure: 105x105x35 mm; PCB: 100x100x25 mm
Experimenter’s corner: Tweak parameters of the GPSDO from the front panel; modify the firmware and upload to the device by using Arduino environment; use GPSDOs PCB as a module for your own device; replace built-in GPS module with external one; replace built-in OCXO with own OCXOs (rectangular or sinewave output) or Rubidium oscillator
Recycled/refurbished materials: OCXO


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