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A chance to purchase a new RigExpert analyser at a discounted price

RigExpert has decided to offer a trade-in program for older RigExpert antenna analysers. FOr a limited time you will now be able to trade-in your old analysers for a brand-new RigExpert unit at reduced price. Conditions of trade-in program are laid down below.


Eligible units:

Models discontinued before 2014 are subject to exchange, namely AA-200, AA-230, AA-230 PRO, AA-500, AA-520 only

In what kind of state do these old units have to be?:

– It isn’t important whether the units are working or not, they can be broken

– Whole analyser must be returned (not just circuit board for example or half of analyser so you could not take advantage of two or more exchanges with one unit)

– Please try and clean-up the units before you ship so we don’t contract tetanus 🙂

– If your unit is in good working shape please also try to include manual, box, adapters or anything else that was included, if possible. You will get higher trade-in value for unit in great shape.


Which new units can I purchase after I return my old unit:

Brand new ZOOM models: AA-230 ZOOM, AA-650 ZOOM, AA-1500 ZOOM, AA-2000 ZOOM, Stick 230 and Stock Pro. Any of these can be purchased at reduced special trade-in prices.


What is the procedure to take advantage of this deal?

Please drop us an e-mail, use Contact us form or leave message via chat window on the right. We will respond with detailed instructions and reduced prices.


Frequently asked questions:

Q: Which units can I return:

A: Models discontinued before 2014 are subject to exchange, namely AA-200, AA-230, AA-230 PRO, AA-500, AA-520  only


Q: Can I buy any new unit?

A: No, only the ones listed in the table with prices below


Best regards and 73,

Marko Seruga – S57CNT

PCS Electronics, EU HamCare partner and EU distributor for RigExpert Ukraine


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