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Every radio station should have this!

We’ve all been there: You’re ready to start-up this great new radio transmitter and you find out you need an adapter between BNC and N and you can’t find one. Or you need a short coaxial patch cable and again its not there. And to add an insult to the punch it is Sunday, all stores are closed. And your local stores don’t carry the items you need or they are just fresh out.

This can set you back a day, two days or even a week, if you need to order on the net. What a drag!

Avoid the set-backs and stock-up on the radio essentials. You’ll be grateful when the need arises and they’ll be there for you, ready to use. If you skip on this offer you will regret next time you need one of these; and you will sooner or later.

Every station should have these items, included in essentials kit B:
AA-230 ZOOM graphical antenna analyzer to professionally check any radio antenna
– 1x BNC male to SO239 (UHF/CB female) adapter
– 1x F male to BNC female adapter
– 1x N male to BNC female adapter
– 1x N female to BNC male adapter
– 1x BNC male to RCA female adapter
– 1x N female to BNC female adapter
– 1x SO239 (UHF/CB female) to F male adapter
– 2x XLR to RCA adapter
– Patch cable 1m coax + 2x N male
– Patch cable 1m coax + 2x PL 259 (UHF/CB male)
– One spool of self-amalgamating rubber tape 3mx1.9cm

We also recommend that you check these:
Patch cables
RF signal analyzers, especially the Radio Explorer or Radio Explorer II
SWR/Power meter

RF resistors (can be used to construct cheap dummy load)
Shrink tube assortment kit (very usefull)

NOTE: Photo is old, the the SWR meter and dummy load have been replaced by RigExpert antenna analyzer. Some other items have been added also (see description above).


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