CN901HP DAIWA Power/SWR meter

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Suitable for tuning antenna system and other power/swr measurements

A must have item for proper tuning and peaking of transmitters and RF amplifiers. This unit covers the entire spectrum from 1.8 to 200MHz with 10% accuracy. Performance at the top of medium wave is acceptable making this unit very useful for our AM MAX transmitters as well as VHF TV transmitters. The large meter scale is calibrated for forward and reverse power and standing wave ratio (SWR). Switch selectable average (AVG) and Peak Envelope Power (PEP). The meter has three power ranges that are switch selectable as indicated (20W/200W and 2000W). This meter can accurately read power levels as low as 50 milliwatts! Inputs and outputs are 50 ohm impedance using SO239 connectors.

Technical speficications
– Impedance: 50 ohms
– Freq. range: 1.8-200MHz
– Full Scale Power: 20W/200W/2000W

Performs under 1.8MHz with somewhat reduced sensitivity

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