915MPA bi-directional power amplifier

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Boost your ISM band signal with this compact 5V bi-directional power amplifier.
Provides 20dB Rx gain and 15dB Tx gain at 915MHz.
Perfect for UAVs, SDR, ham radio, IoT and more.
Guaranteed +35dBm (3.5W) output power in a tiny package. Amplify your 915MHz projects today!


Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Rating
Max RF Input TX Power 21 dBm
Min RF Input TX Power 6 dBm
Max RF Input RX Power -13 dBm
Device Voltage 5.5 V

**Important note: Input TX Power can be adjusted by changing input ATT.


Recommended Operating Conditions 

Parameter Min Typ. Max Units
RF Input TX Power 6 20 21 dBm
Device Voltage +4.75 +5 +5.25 V

Electrical Specifications 

Parameter Conditions Min Typ. Max Units
Operational Frequency Range 902 928 MHz
TX Gain 15 dB
RX Gain 20 22 dB
Output Power CW Input RF Power 20dBm @ 916 MHz 34 35 36 dBm
Output Power Pulse Input RF Power 20dBm @ 916 MHz 35 35.5 36 dBm
2nd Harmonic CW Output Power 35.1dBm @ 915 MHz 1.3 dBm
2nd Harmonic Pulse Output Power 36.6dBm @ 915 MHz 1.9 dBm
Power Consumption in CW TX Output RF Power 35dBm @ 916 MHz 9.8 W
Power Consumption in RX 0.44 W


Mechanical Specifications

Absolute Maximum Ratings  

Dimensions, mm 40 x 56 x 15
Weight, g 46


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