2.4GPA bi-directional Power Amplifier

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Powerful dual-band 2.4G amplifier for low voltage.
Provides 10dB gain in RX mode and 22dB in TX mode.
Up to +36dBm output power in Pulse mode.
Perfect for UAVs, ham radio, IoT, and measurements.
Guaranteed conformance to stated specs.
Discover the capabilities of this compact yet powerful amplifier!



Absolute Maximum Ratings  

Parameter Rating
Max RF Input TX Power 14.5 dBm
Min RF Input TX Power 9 dBm
Max RF Input RX Power -2 dBm
Device Voltage 5.5 V


**Important note: Input TX Power can be adjusted by changing input ATT.

Recommended Operating Conditions

Parameter Min Typ. Max Units
RF Input TX Power 9 13 14.5 dBm
Device Voltage +4.75 +5 +5.25 V


Electrical Specifications  

Parameter Conditions Min Typ. Max Units
Operational Frequency Range 2000 2600 MHz
TX Gain 22 dB
RX Gain 10 dB
Output Power CW Input RF Power 13dBm @ 2.4 GHz 33.5 34.5 35 dBm
Output Power Pulse Input RF Power 13dBm @ 2.4 GHz 34 35 36 dBm
2nd Harmonic CW Output Power 34.4dBm @ 2.4 GHz 0 dBm
2nd Harmonic Pulse Output Power 35dBm @ 2.4 GHz 2 dBm
Power Consumption in CW Input RF Power 13dBm @ 2.4 GHz 9.1 W
Power Consumption in RX 0.3 W



Mechanical Specifications


Absolute Maximum Ratings  

Dimensions, mm 40x56x15
Weight, g 46

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