Thermal transfer pads and paste for RF amplifiers

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Best possible cooling for RF power transistors and PCB laminate in planar design pallets are critical for long life and best electrical performance for RF Power amplifiers. Again we are helping you by providing thermal transfer paste for transistors (put it between heatsink and transistors) and also special thermal transfer pads that go under planar design RF pallets. These get very hot during operation so leaving that cavity open is not optimal solution. 

We have chosen the thermal transfer pads material so that it gives best possible thermal conductivity while not interfering with RF circuitry.

The thermal paste is one of the best available for such applications as well.

Key Features:
Optimised thermal performance
– Longer life of RF power transistors
Improved P1dB performance
Improved IMD3 performance

Thermal pad size:
– 100mm 100mm x 5mm

Thermal paste size:
– 4 grams in plastic syringe


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