SD29xx and PDxxx RF power transistors from STMicro

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Some general tips for using modern RF transistors:
– Ensure proper cooling as excessive heating reduces lifetime
– New XR models can survive practically any bad SWR, but the heat generated by bad SWR can kill them (the silicone chip melts at some point). Copper heat-spreaders are recommended!
– The gate can be quite sensitive to over-drive so make sure to always watch for drive level. A feedback checking output versus input power is also always recommended.

Recommended purchase: Special tool for de-soldering RF transistors?
This is a soldering iron with special de-soldering head, designed to simplify replacement of RF final transistors. It works by heating all four tabs at the same time making the whole process much easier and not destroying the board in the process. Simple, but invaluable tool. Warning: Operates from 220V, EU plug (Power: 80W).
Time to de-solder transistor: 10 seconds (after 1-2minute warm-uptime )

Building amplifiers, transmitters, filters or other RF equipment? You will also need these:

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Special coax for amplifiers
10, 12, 17, 25,
50 ohm PTFE
RF high power capacitors
Metal clad
RF high power resistors
High power
RF resistors
Power supply
Mains power supply
High power fans
Power supply
40V to 65V programmable mains power supply
Atenna analyzer
Antenna analyzer
Trimmer capacitors
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