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Feed-through capacitors provide a low impedance path to ground for high frequency signals. This allows any undesirable high frequency noise to bypass the functional circuit. In FM and TV broadcasting transmitters you can usually find these capacitors on all lines going into the amplifier section. They filter all of the signals ensuring that no RF can escape from the amplifier section and enter into usually more sensitive exciter/audio section.

Our advice: Always use these at least on the power line (usually +48) going from pallet to the power supply. Note they can take 20A max so use several, if needed. They must be installed in the wall between the amplifier section and power supply section of the transmitter. It is recommended that you use them on all lines going into the power amplifier section (+48V, SWR, PWR and bias disable). DO NOT use for RF input and output, of course.

Technical specifications:
Capacitance: 1000pF
Max current: 20A (use 2-3 for higher current)
Max voltage: 500V WVDC @85degC, DWV 1500VDC
Capacitance tolerance: -0%, +100%
Operating range: -55degC,+85degC
Dimensions: see photo below

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