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150W low pass filters anyone can afford

All FM transmitters produce harmonics at even multiplies of fundamental frequency. If your harmonics fall on or near TV channel, air service, army or maritime frequency you could cause severe interference on that channel. The most common cause of fines from federal agencies is due to TVI or other interference from your transmitter which generates a complaint. Use of a low pass filter is the best method of eliminating this kind of interference. Since the insertion loss of these filters is less than .3dB, these filters are well suited for use at power levels as low as 100 milliwatts or up to 150 watts.

RF connectors are not included. A coax can be soldered directly or the product can be installed in an enclosure (customer supplied). Mounts to customers chassis with 8-32 or 6-32 screws. PCB standoffs or washers are required between the bottom of the PCB and chassis to prevent shorting of the inductors. Installing the filter in a metal chassis is suggested to provide shielding and good thermal conductivity in high power installations.
This low pass filter is intended for use in 50 ohm systems only.

Technical specifications:
– 0.30 dB insertion loss maximum; 0.25 dB typical
– 25dB return loss maximum; -28dB typical.
– ATC 100B Capacitors.
– #14 Awg Inductors.
– 45dB rejection at 176MHz. That’s the 1st harmonic of 88MHz
– Size: 2.5 inches wide (6.35cm) x 3.75 inches long x 0.625 inch tall (9.525cm).
– Each unit is sweep tested on an HP 8753D network analyzer to meet our specifications
– .25dB maximum insertion loss, better than -25 dB return loss from 88-108MHz.


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