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Connect any filter with directional coupler to DIGIAMP exciter with this breakout board
The DIGIAMP interconnect system enables easy integration into a FM transmitter with our exciters. All it takes is one flat cable (DIGIAMP). This connection enables measurement of SWR and Power, amplifier supply voltage, current and temperature. It also provides SWR protection and automatic output level limiting. A perfect companion for any filters and pallet amplifiers, offering power, temperature, current and reflected power reading. Even without FM exciter it offers some protection as bias voltage is pulled down when some adjusted limit is overdriven (Max current limit, max power limit or reflected power limit!

Fits directly into our 800W and 1000-1500W ampbox, when used with our ampbox the output 7/16 connector can be directly soldered to the filter.

Technical specifications:
– Current meter maximum current: About 40A
– Measured values: Temperature, power, reflected power, current
– Size: 106mm x 28mm x 30mm high
– DIGIAMP connector: 14 pin 2,54mm spacing
– 3 read-out adjustment trimmers: Power, reflected power, current
– 3 protection trimmers: Power limit, SWR limit, current limit
– Filtered fan connection

Use with MAXPRO FM exciter:
– Connect DIGIAMP to the side of RF power section
– Lead all measured signals through pass-through capacitors which remove interfering RF signals
– Especially connect power to amp through RF feed-through capacitors as these have maximum RF noise
– Connect with DIGIAMP flat cable to exciter
– Set all protection/limit trimmers to minimum first
– Set power/SWR/Current trimmers for correct reading on LCD of exciter
– Now set tx to max intended power (for example 500W), than adjust SWR protection, power limit and current limit trimmers to the point where they almost start to reduce output power

Can it be used for other exciters?:
I guess so, the connector pinout is in the image gallery so use as you wish.

What is included:
– DIGIAMP breakout board
– 10K NTC screw-type temperature sensor
– Flat cable is NOT included
– Feed-through capacitors are NOT included, you usually need at least 4-5


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