3600W LPF filter for FM band with directional couplers by BC(USA)

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Ideal for 3600W FM transmitters, includes directional couplers

Designed for FM radio transmitters, these PTFE filter assemblies are ideal as they come with directional couplers for the 88-108MHz frequency range. This filter is a perfect match for the 3600W combiner available here. The filter must be secured to a heat sink to insure a good ground and to keep the pcb cool. An AutoCad/DXF file showing the mounting hole locations is available upon request.

Technical specifications:
– 86-110MHz 3600 watt power rating
– 10.25 x 4.00 x 1.5 inches (LxWxH)
– The filter includes 1/4 inch aluminum base; factory installed.
– Elliptic Typology
– Ultra low loss PTFE PCB; tightly controlled dielectric constant.
– Large 3/16 refrigeration tube inductors with silver plating.
– 0.12 dB insertion loss maximum; 0.1dB typical.
-30dB return loss or better

– This low pass filter directional coupler provides a DC voltage at the forward and reflected ports. The test ports feature a broadband equalizer network. The equalizer maintains a constant RF level at the diodes across the FM band which results in the same voltage at all frequencies.  The filter also has RF sample output for applications requiring log detection/high precision.
– Each filter is carefully tuned with our HP8753ES s-parameter network analyzer.
– Shipping Weight: ~1Kg

Directional Coupler Specifications
– Directivity: 30dB Minimum
– Adjustable voltage output (trimmers)

NOTE: A suitable 3600W combiner can be purchased here, two 1800W pallets can be purchased here. This filter+combiner are also shown on a photo below.



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