42-58V/1800W programmable mains power supply with optional LCD display and RS232 remote control

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Perfect for TV and FM pallets, can support up to about 1200-1300W of RF power

This low profile 48V 1800W mains power supply is extremely compact, low profile and fits 1H rack easily. It comes with built in fans making installation simple and fast. A number of protections are built-in. Each mains power supply comes with connector board which makes installation even easier. It also simplifies installation and you can install and swap mains  power supplies easily without any soldering. Units are enclosed in metal case, tested and guaranteed to be working worldwide (100V-240V / 50-60Hz).  Please note output power is slightly derated at 110V so use 220-240V for maximum power output.

Technical specifications:

– 230mm x 44mm x 108mm – Fits into 1H
– AC Input: 90-240 VAC + (47 to 63Hz), derated below 150V AC
– Output voltage: 42-58V (adjustable with LCD control module, otherwise fixed)
– Power rating: 48V/1800W (at mains 150V min)
– Power factor: PFC circuit included,
– Temperature Rating: 0-50 Celsius

LCD control module for 1800W/2900W mains power supply:
This LCD control module plugs into the mains power supply and talks to it via CAN bus. It makes it possible to:
– Change and save voltage (you can disconnect the module after saving voltage, if you wish)
– View output voltage and current
– View mains power supply temperature
– Monitor mains voltage at the input
– Turn a fan on and off as desired depending on mains power supply temperature
– Same size as our other LCD modules with 3 keys
– RS232 remote control is possible via terminal, see manual for commands. Our IO board is required.
For more info look under Additional info tab above as there is a manual explaining wiring and functions.
Important: LCD control module requires DC power supply, about 9V to 15V @ about 400mA of current.

20-80V to 15V DCDC converter
Easy way to get 12-15V from your main 65V supply for new LDMOS. This tiny DCDC converter board will reduce your 48V-80V power supply voltage  down to 15V. This can serve to power the LCD control unit or other electronics. Simply connect 20-80V DC input and you will have output voltage 15V.

Input voltage range: 24V-80V
Output voltage range: 12V-15V
Output current: 2A max
Size of board: 60x30mm
Weight: 100g


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