STMAX1000+ LPFM stereo RDS FM exciter with AES/EBU

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DDS digital signal synthesis, excellent audio, on-board stereo, RDS and AES/EBU digital audio

The new STMAX 1000+ series FM exciters combine more features into a small board than ever before. With DDS digital modulator, on-board stereo and RDS, AES/EBU digital input and all of this fully controllable via LCD display with new 2-level MENU system. Powered from 12-15V this board represents a perfect platform for various radio experiments.

The design of the STMAX1000+ is based on MAXPRO3015+ however it comes with on-board AES/EBU digital inputs, USB audio interface and XLR audio inputs. The result is a rugged and solid stereo FM exciter with RDS and a multitude of audio input options. Experimenters dream low power FM exciter is now a reality!

The exciter carries a two year limited warranty on parts and labor against defects in materials and workmanship, except the RF final transistor.

You can find the manual for this (and other products)

How is STMAX1000 series different from the STMAX3000 series?
– On-board XLR inputs, USB audio and AES/EBU digital input
– Lower power (100mW)
– STMAX1000 is about 40% smaller
– Output power is fixed and cannot be adjusted or turned on and off. This is largely irrelevant but has made one customer from Greece very angry (to this day we don’t know why).

Technical specifications:
– RF Output Power: 100mW max (50-90mW typ.)
– Output connector: F female
– Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
– Frequency range: 87.5-108MHz
– PLL Steps: 100KHz-500KHz, adjustable
– Frequency stability: +/- 20Hz
– Spurious/Harmonic rejection: Harmonics: >40dB, Spurious: >-50dBc
– Power Supply 15W: 12-15V/1A
– Power connector. standard barrel with 2.1mm positive center pin
– Quartz Locked PLL Frequency Control, DDS digital modulator
– No Expensive Test Equipment Required
– Audio performance: Less than 0.1% distortion, 20Hz-15KHz
– RF output ruggedness: SWR protection, temp protection
– Pre-emphasis, 50uS, 75uS or none selectable via LCD
– Stereo pilot level adjustable via LCD
– RDS pilot level adjustable via LCD
– MPX level adjustable via LCD
– Audio Input Impedance: 1Kohm, unbalanced
– Audio Input Level: -10dBu, +4dBu (selectable from LCD)
– Stereo separation: >50dB
– S/N ratio: >90 dB
– PC Board Size: 100x95mm (WxL)
– Audio connectors: 2x RCA jack, 2xXLR jack, USB digital input, AES/EBU (via XLR)

What is the Predrilled LCD front panel?
– This is a rectangular piece of aluminum with predrilled holes for LCD display, 3 buttons and LED diodes. It also has 4 holes in the corner so you can easily mount this to your case. This makes it much easier to mount the transmitter into a nice looking case (eliminates the hard work with the LCD). This is of course an optional item.

What is the RS232/USB IO board and why do I need it?
IO board is required, if you want to control STMAX1000+ remotely via PC.
It plugs into the LCD control module. This board does not fit into handy enclosure that we sell.

What is the Ethernet remote control module for?
This add-on card lets you connect this transmitter to the PC via Ethernet network. You can control and monitor the status of your transmitter over Ethernet or Internet. This is of course an optional item. This board does not fit into handy enclosure that we sell.

What is the Software+IOBOARD for changing logo?
This is a combination of special unlocked version of software and RS232 IO board,
which is required to control STMAX1000+ remotely via PC/RS232. It plugs into
the LCD control module. Software lets you change welcome text (logo); you can
replace that text with your company name for example. Your customized text will
be saved and used at every power-up. This is of course an optional item.

What is modification with software for 76-108MHz?
This is the microcontroller IC with modified software that enables STMAX units to work from 76MHz to 108MHz. In order to use this you have to remove original IC from LCD control module (it is in a socket) and place this modified. Immediately frequency range will be expanded. You can change back to the standard IC at any time. This item can be purchased separately and it will also work with STMAX units that you purchased in the past (unless they are really old). Make sure to take correct version for your display! Important: The LCD shows less power than there actually is available below 76MHz. Also actual output power may be a bit less under 87MHz, how much depends on the board but usually about 20-30% less at 76MHz. Also the LCD itself will show less  power than there actually is being transmitted. So keep in mind that your display will show maybe 5W but 10-12W will be transmitted.

What is the Empty enclosure for STMAX1000 for?
This is a very practical enclosure with all holes predrilled. You can install the STMAX1000 inside. A fan is not needed. Holes for the LCD are predrilled as well. No text or brand name is printed anywhere on this box.

What else should I consider buying?
To look for a suitable antenna check: here.

To look for a suitable coaxial cable check:

Additional information


Software for PC remote control: ... _Setup.exe

Here is the driver for USB port for XP, W2K, Vista and Windows7: ...
This lets you use the USB communication with cybermax micro.

Here is the driver for USB port for XP, Vista and Windows7 that should work in 64 as well: ... omPort.exe

And finally a USB driver for Windows 10:

To use Ethernet download and install this program: ... alPort.exe
When you order this feature you also receive serial number, if you did not please email with your order number and we will give you serial number.


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