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The new SE+ V3 series brings significantly improved DSP software, V4 exciter, better stereo separation and tighter MPX control. Our new SE+ V3 models come with large 4×16 LCD display and VU meter! SE+ lineup is based on our top of the line FM exciter (8015 series), SE8000 DSP stereo encoder and has a number of other improvements. Perfect for demanding broadcasters. This unit in large 2H 19″ rack enclosure contains mains power supply and gives 200W/400W/800W/800W of RF power 24/7/365. Large heavy-duty ball-bearing 80x80mm cooling fans take care of any excessive heat. Transmitter is equipped with a stereo encoder with pre-emphasis circuit, DSP processing, active low-pass filter, our professional series PLL synthesizer, wideband no-tune RF stage with temp protection, good output RF filter and optional RDS processor. PC remote control is possible via USB, RS232 or Ethernet. A robust transmitter made for 24/7/365 operation. In our opinion the best quality/price ratio possible.

RDS parameters can be programmed with the help of a PC via serial RS232 or USB connection (Ethernet option is also available)

All our manuals and software are available here.

What’s new in SE V3 version:
– Separation improved due to 8015 V4
– New expander DSP functionality to boost quiet audio and improve loudness
– Improved MPX level control (limiting introduced at several points).
– MPX level adjustable from outside via a hole next to XLR connector
– Improved remote control
– 100 power adjustment steps
– Percentage based power adjustment (50% will now give approximately half of output power, V2 could give very approximate result)
– Improved precision of all measured parameters (extra digit)
– Digital audio input via USB or Ethernet (option)
– MPX mode now features 192KHz USB audio board, XLR and RCA inputs, level control via trimmer!
– LCD now shows several transmitted RDS parameters (requires RDS option).
– Modular construction, most modules can be exchanged easily without soldering
– Easy change of frequency or any parameters via LCD. Only changing RDS requires a PC.
– Low distortion
– SWR protection
– RDS option (new 8000 series RDS encoder)
– Friendly user interface
– Cost effective, energy efficient, light, small and practical


What parameters can I change via PC remote control?
Its best that you look at the screen capture below. The program may change over time as we make enhancements, we will be adding more features soon! Feel free to ask for any features you may want.

USB/RS232 remote control via PC


How do I wire up the transmitter, antenna and audio sources?
Look at the image below (click to enlarge) for an example of a nice radio station with some studio items. At the bottom of this page look for the links to other items that you can use to setup your radio station (WHAT ELSE WILL I NEED AND IT WASN’T INCLUDED? and WHAT CAN I USE AS AUDIO SOURCE?).

Click to enlarge

Technical specifications:
– Output power: 200W/400W/600W/800W depending on the model, easily adjustable via LCD display (0 to max)
– Output impedance 50 unbalanced, VSWR less than 2:1 for full output
– Output connector: N female
– Frequency range 87.5 to 108MHz
– PLL step 100KHz
– RF Spurious > -85 dBc @ +- 1MHz min. out of carrier
– RF Harmonics > -60 dBc Standard

– Monitoring Led: Power on, SWR/TEMP/PLL warning
– Modulation capability: FM

– Audio connectors: BNC (MPX input), RCA, XLR and USB
– 192KHz USB audio input for MPX version
– Audio level required: 4dBu (1.23Vrms @ 0db gain), -10dBu (0.316Vrms @ +14dB gain), adjustable in wide range
– Audio input impedance: 10Kohms resistive, balanced
– Pre-emphasis Flat, 50 or 75usec
– Harmonic distortion ( THD ) <0.1%
– Stereo separation: >65dB
– Mode: Stereo/Mono, adjustable via LCD display or remotely with PC
– Frequency amplitude: 0.5dB, 30Hz – 15kHz

– AC mains power: 110-240V 50/60Hz universal, works everywhere on this planet
– Ambient temperature: -5° to +45°C
– External dimensions 200W/400W ( W x D x H ) 19″ x depth (170mm) x height 2HE (88mm)
– External dimensions 600W, 800W ( W x D x H ) 19″ x depth (170mm) x height 2HE (88mm)
– Physical weight 6Kg (200-400), 8Kg (600W), 9Kg (800W)
– Volumetric weight up to 20Kg

Note: SE transmitters are available in 2 versions.
– With MPX input (from STL receiver or external DSP processor for example)
– Stereo DSP/RDS version with DSP stereo encoder plus RDS

Model name DSP
Full unit name

What is DSP stereo?
This unit has a DSP stereo encoder, making your transmitter stereo. Very shart input filters with a deep 19KHz notch, advanced signal processing with compressor and limiter, all adjustable via LCD display. The number of settings is indeed fascinating, you can also set gain for each audio channel, compression ratio etc.

How much range can I expect?
You can read more about range in this guide HERE.

What is RDS?
Data System
, basically it displays station name and sometimes song name and similar information on a compatible radio receiver. Very popular in  Europe, less so in the US. Requires connection to a PC at the time of programming, but retains settings even when powered off.

What is the Ethernet remote control module for?
– This add-on card lets you connect this transmitter to the PC via Ethernet network. You can control and monitor the status of your transmitter over Ethernet or Internet.

What is the Ethernet remote control module with IP audio for?
– This add-on card lets you connect this transmitter to the PC via Ethernet network and it also lets you receive IP stream. This is basically Barix IP  module inside your transmitter. Can be used on its own to receive streamed audio. To use remote control and audio streaming requires Barix  Extreamer on the transmitting side in your studio.

What is “Mobile phone remote control (SMS)”?
Connects to the RS232 port at the back of your transmitter and enables remote control of the transmitters via GSM phone network. SIM card and contract not included. Commands and alarms are sent and received via SMS. An app exists for Android phones.

What is replacement final transistor?
You can buy this just to have a handy replacement transistor in case it gets damaged some time in the future, for example if there is a lightning strike.

– A high quality mixer with telephone hybrids, such as this very popular unit.
– Professional broadcasting microphone with noise-free stand, such as this

– Your PC. Just plug audio cable into your sound card. Add SAM

– CD player, MP3 player or any other music reproduction system

– Requires mains plug which can be purchased in your country (each country has a different mains plug and we don’t carry all). This is standard mains plug and its price is typically around 1 US$ or less. You can get it in any electronics store, such as radio shack, circuit city, any computer store etc.  Always use grounded plug for your safety!
– You will also need antenna, you can order one HERE
– You will also coaxial cable to connect antenna and transmitter, you can order it HERE (up to20m) or HERE (20-60m) or HERE (>60m).
Radio Essentials Kit contains various connectors and adapters plus an antenna analyzer, every stations should have these at hand at any time.
– You will need audio source (mixer, cd player, microphone etc). It is a good idea to use PC as audio source and run some kind of audio scheduling software, such as Jazler, Raduga or winamp. Winamp plugins such as rocksteady exist and can make your sound even better.

Where can I buy everything I need to start in a package, including
antenna and everything else?
You can check our All-inclusive transmitter packages, these include antenna, coaxial cable and mains power supply. Another way to go would be to select your preferred antenna here and coaxial cable with connectors here, this way you can configure your own package.

Depending on the model this unit gives ~ 1000W of clean RF power, exact power output can vary about +/- 10% depending on frequency, ambient temperature and antenna matching.



Additional information

CYBERMAXFM+ SE V2 manual which also holds for SE V3
(V3 brings Expander functionality which can be used to boost quiet audio. Default setting of 1:1 means expander is disabled, a setting of 1:2 gives maximum boost. This function is great for drive-in cinemas to boost quiet sections a little bit.)

Here's a program to control this unit remotely with a PC(RS232 or USB) for SE+ V3:

Here is the driver for USB port for XP, W2K, Vista and Windows7


Here is the driver for USB port for XP, Vista and Windows7 that should work in 64 as well:

And finally a USB driver for Windows 10

We recommend this guide as it explains many useful things for any FM radio station.
Section dedicated to software setup is also very helpful

To use Ethernet download and install this program.


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