SD2941-10 175W pallet by BC(USA)

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Designed for FM transmitters, like any other pallet amplifier it requires a heatsink,
output filter and usually also a fan.

– This 150W pallet requires 48V/6A power supply. It can provide up to 185W of output power with about 4-5W of drive. The SD2941-10 is the latest technology from ST Microelectronics, this new design incorporates a 4:1 broadband coaxial transformer matching scheme. The result is high  efficiency and improved frequency response. Diode temperature compensated bias for enhanced performance over temperature, new bias disable pads facilitate integration into amplifier systems that employ automatic VSWR protection (taking this pad to ground will shut down the amplifier). We offer high quality 300-1000 watt low pass filters for FM broadcast applications. We can also supply suitable heatsink and fans. Please use teflon coaxial cable (RG142) for input and output coaxial cable.

Technical specifications:
– Shipping Weight: 0.6Kg
– 57mm x 114mm
– 86 – 110MHz
– 48 Volts @ 6.0A max
– Input/output 50 ohms
– Pout: 175W minimum, 185W typical
– 17dB Gain (175W)
– Class B
– 4:1 output coax transformer.
– Requires about 4.0 watts of input drive for maximum output power.
– Requires 48 to 50Vdc at 6 amps typical.

Note: Email for pdf for baseplate, datasheet and RF output vs input and efficiency curves

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