BLF177 150W pallet new model by BC(USA)

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FM radio amplifier with broadband matching and a BLF177 MOSFET

This new design incorporates a 4:1 broadband coaxial transformer matching scheme. The result is high efficiency and improved frequency response.
We also added diode temperature compensated bias for enhanced performance over temperature. New bias disable pads facilitate integration into amplifier systems that employ automatic VSWR protection. Taking this pad to ground will shut down the amplifier. Additional information is available in included amplifier data sheet in PDF format. The data sheet contains detailed performance information and operator instructions.
Mechanical information is available in DXF Fromat or PDF format.  Each pallet amplifier we sell is tested on an HP 8753D vector network analyzer.
This amplifier is capable of 150 watts minimum. Our amplifier products use ATC/AVX microwave chip caps for high reliability. This pallet is optimized for 48 volt operation. Using a lower voltage will result in poor efficiency and significantly lower output power; however, 28 volt operation is possible.

Technical specifications:
– Shipping Weight: 0.6Kg
– 57mm x 114mm
– 86 – 110MHz
– 48 Volts @ 5.0A max
– Input/output 50 ohms
– Pout: 150W minimum, 165W max
– 17dB Gain (150W)
– Class B
– 4:1 output coax transformer.
– Requires up to 4.0 watts of input drive for maximum output power.
– Requires 48 to 50Vdc at 4.5 amps typical.
– -14dB input return loss or better.

Note: Email for pdf for baseplate, datasheet and RF output vs input and efficiency curves

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