Press’n’peel PCB printing foil


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Finally you can virtually “print” your printed circuit board!

Now you can produce your own printed circuit boards from any printed artwork in minutes! Since introducing Press-N-Peel, Techniks has received an abundance of inquiries and orders with numerous customers extending compliments for the time and effort saved in producing quality printed circuit boards. A unique feature of Press-N-Peel is its multi-layer coating that transfers an additional layer of resist on top of that provided by the toner. This ensures that traces do not drop out and solid areas are not riddled with pit holes. Trace widths of 5 mills and less are possible!

– Print artwork to PNP foil with your laser printer (or have it copied)
– Iron the foil onto cleaned PCB
– Carefully peal off the foil, artwork remains
– Etch the board.

You could be finished in 5 minutes!

Sold by the sheet.

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