CyberMax7000+ STEREO and RDS processors

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New generation of DSP stereo processors and RDS encoders with LCD display

The new CyberMax 7000+ DSP stereo and RDS encoder is a high-performance DSP stereo processor and RDS encoder with greatly improved stereo separation and S/N ratio. Based on the SE7000 DSP+ (new improved stereo encoder with Digital Signal Processor) with built-in compressor, limiter and balanced inputs, sharp 19KHz stereo carrier notch filter, pre-emphasis and sharp filters which all help to bring out the best sound. Perfect for a demanding, but cost-conscious broadcaster. CyberMax 7000+ series processor also gives you easy access to a wide array of RDS parameters. Features such as fast PS scrolling, RT, PTY, CT, AF, ECC, EON support, DSP filters and others all make this encoder a real bargain. This is your perfect gateway into the world of RDS!

CyberMax 7000+ can also pick up MP3 ID tag from Winamp (via exported txt file) and transmit it as PS or RT to your RDS-enabled receiver. PS scrolling is supported as well. Jazler and ZaraSoft are already supported due to compatibility with the RDSMAX 30+. In short, if you’re using your PC and WinAmp or Jazler to play your audio over the transmitter, now you’ll finally be able to send the song and artist name to your listeners! Among other features are dynamic PS (also in stand alone mode, without a PC), PTY, TA, RT, CT, ECC, EON, AF, PI, M/S, TP and others. Connection to the PC is via standard RS232 cable or USB.

How is CyberMax7000+ better than CyberMax6000+?
– Optional Ethernet support added for RDS
– Improved stereo separation
– Optional IP audio streaming added

What is great about CyberMax 7000+?
– Perfect for any mono FM transmitter, just feed the output to the MPX input of the transmitter
– DSP technology enables extremely sharp filters and a very deep notch at 19KHz!
– Balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA audio inputs. This effectively eliminates annoying ground loops and hum.
– LC filtered MPX output signal.
– Built-in limiter, low pass filter and true compressor, all controlled via backlit LCD display and keys.
– Ready to use in 19″ rack enclosure
– Extended number of RDS PS to 100 (more than that are not practical for the GUI, although there is lots of SRAM space left).
– Faster PS scrolling now possible
– Glitch-free under all conditions.
– Basic EON support
– TA jumper on the board, for easy and convenient TA toggle
– Full protocol details and basic windows driver are freely available if you want to experiment with the unit

Technical specifications RDS:
– MPX output Impedance: 75 Ohms, unbalanced
– MPX input Impedance: 10K Ohms, unbalanced
– Memory data retaining period: 45 years
– On-Board real-time-clock data retaining period: 1-2 days
– Format: 1H rack enclosure
– Audio connectors: MPXin, MPXout and 19KHz pilot, all BNC
– RDS carrier: 57KHz, phase locked to stereo pilot or internally generated (mono)
– RDS carrier level: 0 – 4V, adjustable with jumper and trimmer
– RS232 port speed: 2400, 14400 or 19200 or 38400bps
– High Quality Digitally Generated RDS carrier with LC filter
– Audio Input/Output Level: 0 dB (input level is preserved at output – no level change by the unit)
– RS232/USB connectivity with a PC
– Included program supports all Windows flavours! Jazler and Zarasoft are supported (use 14400bsp port speed).

Technical specifications STEREO:

– Audio Response: 10Hz-15KHz, DSP filtered (Standards require upper level at 15KHz)
– DSP: 24-bit Digital Signal Processor
– 19KHz notch filter, >-70 dB typ
– Precise pre-emphasis, 50uS, 75uS or none
– Audio Input Impedance: 10Kohm, balanced or unbalanced

– Audio Input Level: 0 dB
– Distortion: <0.1%
– S/N ratio: >90 dB
– On board digital audio (USB audio interface)
– Separation: >60 dB typ.
– Pilot Frequency: 19 KHz, DSP generated 114x oversampling
– Output Impedance: 75 Ohms
– Power Requirements: 12-15VDC / 1A
– Audio connectors: RCA and XLR
– Power connector: Mains power plug (same as PC), 110-220V
– Output level: Ueff 4V, 2V or 1V

RDS encoder will work independently from the PC (memory stays unchanged for at least 45 years after power-off, RTC 1-2 days).

If you want to play with the windows driver, a basic version can be obtained from us (email us, it is written in Visual Basic60). Entire protocol has been simplified and is easy to use.


Supported by ZaraSoft and Jazler!

Here are the manual and driver for the new RDS section of this Stereo/RDS processor


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