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These are our DAB+ digital radio transmitters. Each transmitter is housed in 2H or 3H rack enclosure. It consists from  EDABv2+ DAB+ digital radio exciter board  and RF amplifier designed specifically for digital radio. Equipped with large 4×16 LCD display and LED bargraph meters! Amplifier section is controlled with our new control board. Power is measured with our new directional couplers with true-RMS response, perfect for DAB+ Large heavy-duty ball-bearing cooling fans take care of any excessive heat. Amplifier is equipped with SWR and temp protection and features PC remote control (possible via USB, RS232 or Ethernet). A robust transmitter made for 24/7/365
operation. DAB+ exciter is controlled and configured via web interface. Audio is supplied via ETI-stream which is created via ODR-DabMUX and fed in through Ethernet.

Please note: It is recommended that you first evaluate the product by trying our DAB+ xciter. This way you will learn to use and configure software and also establish whether this DAB+ solution is suitable for your needs.

What parameters can I change and monitor via PC remote control?
– Power (100 steps)
– Alarms
– Temperature, output power and reflected power, voltage
– You can put unit into stand-by
– You can monitor current and voltages, two temperatures, output and input power and also reflected power

Technical specifications for amplifier:
– Output power 20W/400W/800W DAB+ typical
– Output impedance 50 unbalanced, VSWR less than 2:1 for full output
– Output connector: N (20W) or 7/16 (50/400/800W)
– Frequency range 175-225MHz
– RF Harmonics: requires DAB+ mask filter tuned for your channel to be compliant
– Monitoring Led: Power on, SWR/TEMP warning
– Audio input: Supplied via ETHERNET, a suitable program must be running on a network-attached computer

– AC mains power: 110-240V 50/60Hz universal, works everywhere on this planet
– Ambient temperature: -5° to +45°C
– External dimensions 20W ( W x D x H ) 19″ x depth (170mm) x height 2HE (88mm)
– External dimensions 400W/800W ( W x D x H ) 19″ x depth (550mm) x height 3HE (132mm)
– Physical weight 4Kg 12Kg (20W), 20+Kg (400W/800W)
– Volumetric weight up to 30Kg

– Nominal Transmit Frequency: 176 … 239 Mhz
– Signal shoulders height: 54 dB (if TX power is 3 dBm).
– Software Needed: Only if you need to create ETI-stream yourselve, ODR-DabMUX is needed
– I/Q samples width: 18 bit
– Complex sample rate: 6144 kS/s.
– Input interface: 10/100 Mbit Ethernet


Requires ETI stream (computer running ODR-DabMUX somewhere connected to Internet or Ethernet). The audio is fed to this computer and it is this computer that creates the ETI stream. This computer can be anywhere connected to Internet, even on the other side of the world thousands of km far from DAB+ card.

How do I setup DAB+ radio?:
Step-by-step instructions are here:
The exciter itself is configured via WEB interface (enter the IP address of the DAB+ exciter into web browser).

QFN network upgrade
– The card is equipped with a few hardware modifications and is superior to standard card. You can use it also when you don’t want to use the SFN function.
– With correct version of firmware both on the exciter card and ODR-DabMUX it is possible to run in SFM mode.

– Audio is supplied via ETI-stream which is created via ODR-DabMUX and fed in through Ethernet. You can receive this ETI stream from other sources or you can create it yourself. You will have to dedicate some time and computer knowledge to learn how to do this.
– Requires mains plug which can be purchased in your country (each country
has a different mains plug and we don’t carry all). This is standard mains plug and its price is typically around 1 US$ or less. You
can get it in any electronics store, such as radio shack, circuit city, any
computer store etc. Always use grounded plug for your safety!
– You will also need antenna
– You will also coaxial cable to connect antenna HERE.





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