DAB+ half wave sleeve dipole antenna


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Low power half wave sleeve dipole antenna for DAB+ digital radio

Surprisingly good DAB+ antenna at incredible cost. Perfect for small stations, complete with mounting bracket. Easily mounts to your balcony, any metal  construction or antenna mast on your roof.

Technical specifications for version without preamplifier:
– Frequency range: 175-225MHz
– Gain: 0dBd (dipole)
– Bandwidth: 50 MHz
– Max. power: 10-15 Watts max
– Polarization: Vertical
– Weight: 1kg
– Length: 100cm
– Connector: F (replace with PL259, BNC or N for better performance)

This antenna is in stock and can be shipped and delivered fast! To purchase a SWR meter or coaxial cable look under transmitter accessories!

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