15W Band III VHF TV amplifier module (175-225MHz)

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Boost your VHF TV transmitters to 15W of RF output power

High quality professional VHF TV linear amplifier covers 175 MHz- 225 MHz without tuning. Requires only a few milliwatts of RF power for 15W output. Power supply requires DC voltage 28 V /3-4 A. Extremely linear operation of this amplifier makes it perfect for small TV stations and studios. It is excellent as an exciter for high power TV stages. Everything is assembled and tested. Power transistors are made by Macom. Warranty one year includes all components except output transistor and wideband amplifier module. A highest quality PC board is double sided and silver plated. This amplifier must be installed on a heat sink (not included). Board size is: 11cm x 8cm.

Technical specifications:
– 170-230MHz Band 3 VHF TV
– 15 watts peak sync power @ -54dBc IMD
– 38 dB gain typical.
– 28 volts
– Thermal tracking bias.
– Input power 10dBm maximum.
– Maximum Drain current: 3.5A @28 Volts.
– Broadband no-tune design.
– 3 inch x 4.25 inch pallet
– Connects directly to most low power cable TV modulators and exciters.

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