UHF 470-860MHz panel antenna with radome

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8-element UHF TV panel antennas

Directional Panel, very sturdy construction, made of hot dipped galvanized steel with radome. Suitable for high power radiating systems. All insulators are made of PTFE with stainless steel screws. All metallic parts are electrically grounded offering excellent protection against lightning. Horizontal polarization as standard. When panels are mounted on the four sides of a square tower a circular radiation pattern can be obtained. This is what the big TV stations use in their setups, usually there are at least 4 such pannels on the tower and the number can be much higher (8,12 or more panels).

Technical specifications (Single panel):
– Frequency Band: 470-860MHz Band IV-V UHF TV (no tune wideband)
– Impedance: 50 Ohm
– V.S.W.R.: < 1.1 : 1
– Form factor: Panel antenna with radome
– Connectors: 7/16
– Gain: 12dBd
– Power handling: 1.5KW (7/16)
– Polarization: Horizontal
– Dimensions: 1000x450x280mm
– Weight: 14Kg
– Wind surface: 0.45m2
– Wind load: 0.62kN (wind speed 150km/h)
– Max Wind Velocity: 220km/h
– Icing protection: Full radome, white as standard (red and orange ara available)

Technical specifications (4-panels):
– Includes: 4 panel antennas, combiner and 4 jumper cables
– Frequency Band: 470-860Mhz
– Impedance: 50 Ohm
– V.S.W.R.: < 1.2 : 1
– Form factor: 4x Panel antenna
– Connectors: 7/16
– Gain: 5dBd min omni-directional
– Power handling: ~1KW due to combiner
– Polarization: Vertical/horizontal
– Coverage: Omni-directional
– Weight: 60Kg

Radiation pattern and other details are available on request.

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