Circular wide band steel FM dipole 2500W

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Circular polarized antennas offer slightly less omnidirectional range/gain than vertically polarized dipoles, but they offer better penetration and are less sensitive to multipath problems. Circular polarization ensures better signal in urban environments, especially city centres with high buildings.

All of the antennas below are omnidirectional, circular polarization and wideband no-tune. Very resistant, entirely made of stainless steel with PTFE insulators, demountable into several parts for easier shipping. For best performance they must be mounted on a pole without any other antennas or metal structures neraby. If you plan to use sevaral of these in a multi-bay setup please email for instructions. Distance between antennas in multi-bay systems is important.

Features 2500W model (stainless steel) ECOMAX:
– Freq. range: 87.5 – 108 MHz
– Impedance: 50 Ohm
– V.S.W.R. : < 1.4:1
– Gain: – 1.5dBd
– Connector: “7/16”
– Weight: 13Kg
– Max power: 2KW
– Polarization: circular
– Material: Stainless steel
– Dimensions: 1520x1240x1150 mm


Important: Due to large size and irregular shape of these packages the website often gets shipping cost wrong. Also sometimes we have to use wooden case which adds about 100 euro to the cost of antenna. For exact shipping cost please contact our sales department, be sure to give them your exact address and they will quote you shipping. It also does not hurt to ask for a special discount.

Recommended accesories:
We recommend AA-230 ZOOM antenna analyzer for checking SWR of the antennas. Grounding kits can be purchased here, they ensure lightning protection. They should be installed at the antenna (if needed, most dipoles are grounded anyway), at the tower base and at the point of entrance into transmitter building. Also use self-sealing tape which turns into rubber and protects against moisture from entering your antenna system.

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