Low power PCS-0230 3-element YAGI antenna

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3-element YAGI antenna for low power FM transmitters

Precise manufacturing, low price and no-tune operation make this directional YAGI antenna (radiates most of the signal forward and back) a good match for low power transmitters such as PCI MAX 2007+. It is recommended where only small power will be used, funds are limited and there are no measuring instruments available for tuning. It also greatly enhances signal reception, if used in a receiver.

While the antenna itself can handle considerable power, the ferrite balun used limits power handling to a couple of watts.

Director and reflector element can be removed leaving only the dipole element with mounting brackets.

Technical specifications:
– No. of elements: 3
– Gain: 4,5 – 5,5 dBd
– Front/back ratio: 10 – 15 dB
– Beam width: H 70° / V 110°
– Vswr: 1:1.5 min
– Power handling: 2-4W typ.
– Antena length: 1155 mm
– Freq. range: 88-108 MHz (no tune)
– Connector: coaxial cable is wired directly to the balun
– Weight: 2.5Kg
– Full mounting material is included!
– Common packing dimensions: 1460 x 250 x 100 mm

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