Efficient FM band magnet base antenna

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Efficient 1/4 wave FM omnidirectional antenna with magnet base

Mobile FM antennas with magnet base are usually pretty inefficient and yield poor range, but this beauty is better than any other magnet-base whip we’ve seen on the market. It has to be understood that a big antenna on a high tower always wins easily, but where conditions require mobile installation and small size PCS028 is the way to go; it is a quarter wave antenna for use from 66 to 132 MHz bands. If you want to use it for your receiver it provides superior performance for a variety of receive applications on the FM broadcast band while also maintaining a 200 watt power rating for transmission. Comes with 18 feet of RG8 coax and PL-259 connector.

Technical specifications:
– Frequency Range 66-132 MHz (Tunable by cutting, chart is provided)
– Impedance 50 Ohms
– SWR 1.5 : 1 Max.
– Bandwidth 3 MHz
– Nominal Gain 0 dB (unity)
– Maximum Power 200 Watts
– Length 2′ – 4’3″
– Weight (unboxed) Aprox. 1.5 Kg
– Construction Stainless
– Connector PL-259
– Max. Wind Speed 70 MPH

To purchase a SWR meter or coaxial cable look under transmitter accesories!

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