Light aluminum antenna masts/towers, lattice construction

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Sectionalized aluminum antenna masts/towers, lattice construction

MAL4500 and MAL6000 (upgraded to 6m) are solid, lightweight aluminum construction antenna towers with the possibility of climbing by a qualified installer. Guy-wires are not necessary which makes the mast require little space and has a beneficial effect on aesthetics. Guy wires are recommended for heavier antennas and higher antennas. The mast stands on the tilting base fixed on a ground with three anchors, cemented into the ground. The masts are suitable for FM or TV broadcasting antennas and are also suitable for different kinds of WLAN, STL or wire antennas.

Single section for building a mast/tower is 1.5m-high lattice construction made of aluminum. The design with triangular cross-section (in a vertical projection – see the bottom view picture) with three sides of 250 mm is exceptionally strong, but light and easy to handle, even with one hand. The support elements are aluminum tubes with an outside diameter of 35 mm and 1.5 mm thick walls. The sections can be joined together to form free-standing masts/towers up to 6-meter high (without guy wires), capable of supporting the weight of the installer climbing up.


Height of the mast: 4.5m or 6m
Number of sections: 3-4
Wall thickness: 1.5 mm
Material: Aluminum
Construction: Framework structure of triangular cross-section : 250 x 250 x 250 mm
Supporting pillars: Aluminum tube Ø 35 mm
Main features: • The lack of guy-wires (we recommend using them!)
• Tilting base application enables lowering the mast
• Possibility of climbing the assembled mast by the person+antenna weighing up to 100 kgs with winds up to 5 m/s
• The possibility of transport in the trunk of a passenger car since sections are only 1,5m
• The dimensions of the product after packing enable to send it by courier across Europe easily
Weight: • 15.15 kg – Mast (3 sections, 20Kg 4 sections)
• 3.01 kg – Mast base
• 1.6 kg – Anchor for concrete


What’s included in shipment:

3-segment 4.5m antenna tower:
– Tower base
– 3 anchor bolts for concrete foundation
– Lightning rod clamp, this is accessory needed for lightning protection

4-segment 6m antenna tower:
– Everything included with 3-segment version + one extra segment

WARNING: Setting up antenna tower can be very dangerous and can result in deaths, we definitely recommended using guy wires especially with 6m version and multi-bay antennas! Building higher than 6 meters is not recommended!


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