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RF output board for N or SO239 connector with SWR/PWR directional coupler,

Now with TEFLON laminate and frequency compensated inside FM broadcasting band!

A simple solution that could make your life so much easier. If you ever wanted to mount a N or SO239 connector to your enclosure and connect coaxial cable to it in a clean and effective way without adding parasitic inductance and making it all look like a mess, you probably noticed that this isn’t so easy to do.
We do have a simple solution, however. This small PCB screws tightly and directly to the N or SO239 connector (see pictures) and enables a clean, electrically excellent and also good looking contact. To top it off, it also contains a small stripline directional coupler. Three-pin solder header provides ground and two voltages, one for SWR and the other for POWER. You can now measure this voltage to determine your output POWER or SWR. It is also possible to use this board to simply build SWR protection.

Коаксиальный кабель можно легко припаять к клеммам, как показано на фото. Для таких межсоединений мы рекомендуем коаксиальный кабель с тефлоновой основой, так как тефлоновая изоляция не плавится при пайке или нагреве из-за высокого уровня мощности. Также доступны платы с установленным тефлоновым кабелем RG142 длиной 15 см. Этот кабель также подготовлен для пайки на свободном конце, что делает установку чрезвычайно простой.

The boards are now produced on TEFLON laminate and take much higher power, also they are freqency compensated so a reading at 108MHz and 88MHz produces the same readings.

Технические характеристики
– Size: 62mmx29mm, PTFE (TEFLON) laminate
– Power handling: 0-1500W with heatsinking, above 1KW we recommend 1-2mm thick CuAg wire across middle conductor for extra peace of mind.
– Frequency range: 0-500MHz (Frequency compensated for reasonably flat reading inside entire FM broadcasting band)
– Поддерживаемые разъемы: N и SO239
– Includes: PCB and all components, connector and screws not included

Our opinion: Its cheap and eliminates so much hassle its really a no-brainer, highly useful item

Important warning: Power handling of N connector at 100MHz is about 900-1000W max, more is not recommended for long term use. SO-239 is even worse. 1500W can be applied at about 50-60MHz. As frequency goes up the power handling of connector falls. Keep this in mind!



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