Other RigExpert products

Other RigExpert products for radio amateurs and radio professionals.

Tokenblauser GPSDO
– Achieve impressive stability for frequency reading.
– Use the GPS-disciplined oscillator with super-accurate and super-stable characteristics to calibrate your gear.
– Enjoy experimenting with an Aurdino-compatible GPSDO embedded with open-source firmware.
– Four outputs allow you to simultaneously as a stable test signal and use the Tokenblauser for the GPS discipline of several devices.
– Getting the most out of your radio has never been easier.

REAMP Power Logger
– Tests the power consumption modes of various devices
– A power supply with a wide selectable range
– Reports instantaneous current consumption values and writes them to a log file at high speed indefinitely or in a specified time mode
– Pinpoints highs and lows accurately and averages results over a specified interval or in real-time
– Accurately calculates the duration of the connected device with an independent power supply
– Measures its own output voltage with high accuracy
– Makes all listed measurements in the easiest and fastest way

Transceiver Interfaces
RigExpert transceiver interfaces (TI) have many sustainable competitive advantages:
– two separate audio channels with separate controls
– CAT system support
– CW manipulation output
– RTTY & FSK modes are supported

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